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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Where have you gone, Franchise Linebacker, Giants Nation turns its lonely eyes to you...

On the http://www.giants.com website the following question was asked....

Which unit is the Giants strongest?
Offensive line
Defensive line
Running backs

How indicative and sad that WR is called our second best unit. But the reason why this makes perfect sense is ALLOCATION OF RESOURCES! When you pick up Sinorice Moss #2, when you pick up Steve Smith#2, when you pick up Burress in free agency, you are directing a lot of resources there. Hey, Justin Tuck#3, Umenyiora#2, Kiwanuka#1... it says a lot. SO WHY IS LINEBACKER SO IGNORED BY THIS FRANCHISE IN THE DRAFT? This is the systemic reason why this team's defense (and overall performance) has suffered through the years.


Keep patching it together with free agents and WITHOUT draft picks and this is what you get. Early returns say Steve Smith looks very good. Another option for Manning to not get the ball to IN STRIDE. Wide receivers sell tickets and jerseys, Defense wins championships.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Minicamp Pt. 3: Inaccuracy and six interceptions

Still the weakest link. Gilbride's squad looked lost. I am not sure what is worse, a retread head coach or a retread coordinator.

Minicamp Part 2: Mathias Kiwanuka

There are so many questions this year.. like how are we going to be ready at Left Tackle? Will Manning continue to flatline at a 75 QB rating? And this one:

How will it go for Kiwanuka moving from Defensive End to Linebacker?

From the media reports on minicamp, so far so good. Apparently he has spent MONTHS at Giants Stadium in the offseason learning the new position, working w the position coach, and most importantly getting informal tutoring from the glue and MVP of the defense.

Antonio Pierce.

Not only does Kiwanuka have to learn a new position, he has to learn a new defense as well. If this experiment works, I will be pleasantly surprised. Athletically Kiwanuka has the tools. Can he hit the ground running and not get taken to school badly during the regular season? No one knows the answer to that. IF THE EXPERIMENT WORKS, and the secondary gets a positive surprise from Ross or Webster, then the defense will be very good. If the experiment takes too much time, or injuries at defensive end forces Kiwanuka to move back to the line, then the Giants will be thin at LB... AGAIN. Lots of questions, waiting for answers. Welcome to 2007, and why a pragmatist has to be sober about this season.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Minicamp Update

1) Finn out for the year. Next stabilizer.
2) Coughlin asks players to talk less and play more. How about if Coughlin would rant less?
3) NY Times: “Coach just has a lot easier demeanor about him,” Strahan said. “When you look at him, you don’t get tense. Before, he just was a very intense fellow. But you look at him, you feel like you can go talk to him. He’s going to come over and joke with you.

“Before, we just didn’t have that rapport. As the years have gone by, the better the rapport has gotten. Guys enjoy playing for him. I can’t always say that, but now guys enjoy playing for him.”

My editorial comment on this is simple- (a) a necessary part of winning in the NFL is to have a coach that is going to get his players to play for him. (b) I have heard this olive branch/spin from the players before, and I am not sold on it. I think Coughlin is still a jerk, he needs to treat different players differently, and we are in another year of purgatory with him.

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