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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Strahan blinks

Baby Strahan blinked, finally spoke w Coughlin and Reese, and will be deciding whether he wants to retire or not. The Giants have done the right thing by moving forward assuming he is not going to be with the team. And the moves to prepare Tuck and possibly Simeon Rice (visiting this week) have certainly made whatever ploy was being hatched DOA.

To quote George Young, it is always about the money. Strahan was thinking 2007 football all along. He wants more money period. The Giants will not let him out of his contract and that means he is a Giant for 4M/year or he is retired. I do not know what planet this man is from, but when u r 35, have come off of 2 injuries in the past 3 years and are still getting 4M, you take the money if you still want to play. Osi Umenyiora said that when he talked to Strahan this weekend (BEFORE 92 got in touch w Coughlin/Reese!) he felt it was 50-50 he would play. THAT MEANS HE WAS NEGOTIATING.

Memory refresher: back ~4 years ago when Strahan was negotiating his current deal, Accorsi made him a very nice offer, but Strahan wanted more. The Giants said that was their final offer. Strahan would not accept. (It was at this point that Barber stuck his nose in and wondered aloud what Strahan was doing, that at a certain point too much money hurts the rest of the team('s cap resources). The offer lapsed. Time went by, Strahan restarted negotiations, and ended up having to sign for ~5(?) million less.

If Strahan was a smart trader, he would take his losses, pay the fines, show up for camp, and all would be forgotten. That likely will not happen because the person who pulled this stunt in the first place was not very smart. The Giants called his bluff, and it is time to play or fold. The only reason why there is any hope he will return is that he did fold once before.

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