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Sunday, October 28, 2007

respect for the fan

In 1981 the avg baseball game took 2:33 mins. In 2007, it took 2:51 mins, actually 6 mins less than it did in 1995. But World Series games for the last 10 years last 37 mins longer than reg season games. And in this year's World Series the 3 games have taken an average of 3:50 mins to complete (have not watched one minute, kiss my arse!). The game ends at 12:20AM AVERAGE!

I bring this up because Larry Stern of the NBA is thinking about something radical- no timeouts in the last 3 minutes of a basketball game. Stern is waking up and other professional sports leagues better pay attention- when you continue to water down the product the fan eventually figures out that 100% of something is better than 0% of everything.

Goodell- are you paying attention? Do not sell the product to the devil- expanding playoffs for more than 12 teams, longer games, flex schedules, they are all gimmicks which harm the greatness of the game.

1 comment:

ron schwartz said...

andy, todays giants game was a disgrace..eli was pathetic..missing toomer for a sure 15 yd. pas 10 ft. over his head..burress played and misplayed catches all day..mendenhall carried the running game in the 1st. half but was used sparingly in the second half..toomer also dropped a td pass..excuses about the field and rain are jost copouts..i have been to games were the field and weather conditions were far more extreme and i have seen the qb`s and runners handle them as if it is playing as usual..game 2 of the w.s was played in worse conditions..and if lemon out passes eli you know manning is in one of his pathetic games..and he was pathetic..this qb just does not hear a rush coming from either side of his brain..58 total yds passing..disgraceful..yes a good call and run for the only giants t.d.the secondary was once again soft..and if it was anyone else but miami jints get blown out..tackling was shoddy..but overall the d kept the lead at 13-0 until the end..wilson was erratic..the f.b. did his job..schokey was not used except for one pass as best as i can rememember...bottom line manning will never be a consistant q.b..it will be hit or miss..not my kind of qb..ron s

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