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Friday, February 29, 2008

So why are you shocked?

So many people out there are shocked, saddened, disappointed that we have lost Wilson, Mitchell and Torbor on the first day. And the same crowd gets a little ornery when they hear that the Giants have contacted the agents for free agent safeties Eugene Wilson, Erik Coleman and Sammy Knight... guys who are 'also rans.' But this is how Reese got it done last year, and all things considered he was more likely than not going to be passive again. Winning the Super Bowl with 'passive' was not going to turn him into Dan Snyder.

One thing Reese better wake up to fast is the price of EVERYTHING just went up. The fact that he scored on the Tuck contract better not keep him from recalibrating his compass. Umenyiora? Burress? Strahan? Poker just got expensive. It is one thing to lose out to the Raiders on Wilson. He is a good safety. Not a great defensive end. Not a great Wide Receiver. So today was hors d'oeuvres. The main battle is not even here yet. Plaxico, Osi and Stray are yelling "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" I hope Reese is listening.


Greg Hanlon said...

So much for getting Kawika back on the cheap, and so much for having a reasonable chance at Gibril. Both those guys got way too much money -- it's too bad, but JR did the right thing.

At safety, I guess we just have to make a play for Wilson, Knight, or Coleman. I don't know too much about these guys, but I suspect that they'll all be overpaid because of the paucity of safeties. Our strategy should be to sign the guy we have to overpay the least, perhaps Knight because he's 32.

Do you know much about these guys?

At linebacker, we're basically slotting in Kiwanuka and Wilkinson for Kawika and Torbor. I guess there's a chance we'll be a LITTLE worse at this position, but then again, we could be MUCH better -- to think of it another way, we're taking assured solidness/mediocrity and replacing it with unknown guys who have more raw talent (I'm considering Year 2 'Nuke as an unknown quantity; Wilkinson we haven't ever really seen.)

So this turn of events could actually represent a step forward -- it speaks to your point about accumulating potential impact players.

Plus, the draft is rich with OLBs. For what it's worth, Todd McShay's mock draft on ESPN has us taking Dan Connor, whom McShay describes as "instinctive and athletic enough to contribute immediately on the inside or the weak side."

Connor has a 92 rating on ESPN's rater. Other good OLBs available at 31 in the ESPN mock draft are Jerod Mayo (89), Ali Highsmith (88), Xavier Adibi (87), and Erin Henderson (85).

Andy F. said...

I really cannot speak to the merits of these 3 safeties the gmen are considering. Latest word this evening has the Giants more focused on Sammy Knight. As far as college players are concerned, if the question is important enough I can always ask Marvelous. He knows arguably more than most who visit this site, but he does not post. Someone earlier asked me about a MLB named Rivers.. Marvelous says Rivers will likely go before the Giants pick, but Marvelous had very good things to say about Rivers.

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