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Monday, February 12, 2007

Hello Jerry, Goodbye Luke, LaVar and Carlos

Welcome to 2007. Our new GM made his presence felt quickly, axing Arrington, Petitgout and Emmons.

Arrington (getting cut) was not going to be a shock because his contract was structured for the Giants to have low (financial) risk and more reward if it worked out. I am sure the medical staff said what everyone knows re Achilles... another wasted year.

Emmons? Ask Marvelous how surprised he is at this one. Not.

Petitgout? Well, here I admit to being blindsided. He took up martial arts in the last offseason and was having a great year until he went down. His penalties were down, and his run blocking was excellent as Barber was going his way with plenty of success. LEFT TACKLE IS A HUGE HOLE TO FILL. Reese must have a very good plan. If he does not, I will be more surprised by that than by the cut in the first place. This move clearly is the first significant datapoint as GM. We will learn a lot more about Reese a lot faster than any of us originally expected.

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