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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Off-season Football ticker

1) The Giants are interested in getting a draft pick AND a free agent to challenge Jacobs and have a total of two RB options. Both challengers will be slashing, smaller RBs so that the team has RBs w/ different looks.
2) Willis McGahee is in play and is of interest to the Giants. The Bills are interested in compensation, believing McGahee is gone after the last year of his contract. As a sidenote, it was NYG GM Reese who confirmed/leaked this story, and apparently the Bills are not pleased.
3) The Giants resigned Chase Blackburn to a 4 yr $3.5M deal.
4) The Giants have allegedly given Shaun O'Hara a final offer: six-years, $21.6M w/ ~ $7M guaranteed. The offer expires when free agency begins (~March 2). (The Giants do not like to have their offer shopped.)
5) Lovie Smith is in the last year of his contract as the lowest paid head coach in the NFL. If he does not get a contract extension, in 2008 you will add ANOTHER coach to that mix of those available.

Coughlin Purgatory begins. You think that playing in the Coughlin zoo enters into the mind of O'Hara when he decides whether he wants another year (OR MORE) of that clown? You think that going after free agents is going to be easier or harder when Barber says that it was Coughlin's bullbleep that essentially shortened his career? You think things would be a little better for us if we knew we had Cowher or Smith in here in 2008?

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