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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Al Wilson fallout

5 time pro bowler Al Wilson of the Broncos was brought in but failed his physical. What we learn from this is that (a) the Giants are at least trying (b) their needs at LB are so acute that they are willing to take a good MLB and move him to OLB.

From an NFL standpoint the irony is palpable. In a year in which more money than ever was available to all teams (due to a big jump in the cap), it coincided with an anemic crop of free agents. So much money to spend and not a player worthy of it. The Giants even tried (and will fail on Monday when the Texans match) to spend gazillions... on a FULLBACK!

You'll be hearing my rants all spring and summer, but the preview is that we have so many glaring needs that will be unaddressed. Unless we get a few miracles and immediate impact players from the draft, 2007 is a rebuilding year... a polite way of saying we s**k.

The dynamic of a weaker team and Coughlin in purgatory could get ugly. No, Barber will not be there to take shots at Coughlin from his untouchable perch. This time it will be the Shockeys and Burresses who tee off. Unless Manning finds NFL religion and all of a sudden makes dramatic improvement, I do not see how the year gets anything but ugly. The antics of hard Coughlin practices combined with a losing record gets old really fast. That happened in Year 1, but Coughlin's status as a new coach was unassailable. In Year 2 and 3 they came into the second half of the season with 6-2 records, so the natives could not get (too) restless. A team that will have gone 4 years with this loser screwing them yet again in the late November and December shells/pads will smell blood. Reese's first big move as GM will be to fire Coughlin, a year too late.

Wasted year coming up.

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