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Thursday, March 8, 2007

No hard Feely-ings

Re-sign Feely for more than a couple of dollars? NOT! Goodbye! We had two Feelys while he was with us. Feely #1 was the one who was very solid in 2005 and could hit consistently from short range and hit some longer ones too. Feely #2 was the one who (in 20-20 hindsight) cracked after the Seattle game of 2005, became less consistent unless he was kicking from 30 or less, could not hit ANYTHING beyond ~40 yards, turned extra points into adventures, and generally became one UNRELIABLE Kicker. This week they kept shoveling this stat about him making something like 80% of his kicks... BULLBLEEP! Coughlin stopped letting him kick from beyond extra point range. The Giants were horrible in the red (oh, pardon me, moron Coughlin calls it the green) zone and the beneficiary of that was Feely kicking the gimme FG. GOODBYE. Next.

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