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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Randy Moss + Keyshawn Johnson

What does it mean when a former #1 Pro Bowl WR gets cut? What does it mean when another #1 Pro Bowl WR gets traded for a 4th round draft choice? IT MEANS WRs ARE A DIME A DOZEN. The Giants tried to pickup Star Johnson last year but were outbid by the Panthers. The fact that Johnson is all of a sudden available right after we used our #2 for a WR comes as a complete shock to me... I am shocked to find gambling in this establishment!

While I am the first to admit that the game has changed and the NFL's rules encouraging passing has put more demands on teams to have more CBs and more WRs, I will still firmly state that WRs are fringe players who you cannot build your franchise around. Calvin Johnson is a "can't miss" WR. Give ME a can't miss Left Tackle. Matt Millen the genius Lions GM has now picked FOUR (?) HIGH first round WRs... and he has built a house of garbage. Last year the Jets drafted Ferguson and Mangold. They could be anchored by those guys for 10 years! In 1997, we took a WR, Ike Hilliard at #7 in the first round. The Seahawks took Walter Jones (#6), the Pro Bowl LT who had a mildly larger impact on his team. The WR is the hare, and the Tackle is the tortoise. The tortoise almost always wins.

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