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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kiwanuka is moving to LB

KIWANUKA IS BIG, and this story is bigger. The poker playing is obvious... by disclosing this AFTER the draft the Giants were able to look at whatever was out there and be a little more flexible. My perception is that if the Giants had found a LB (Wilson trade going through, draft) that this would not have happened. Kiwanuka, Strahan and Umenyiora all deserve to be on the field at the same time. To line up Kiwanuka on the strong side versus the TE is a logical place, because what this will do is give the Giants 5 rushers. But I have to think that Kiwanuka is simply too big to go into any serious pass coverage. The Giants dropped him into coverage INFREQUENTLY last year simply to keep opposing offensive schemes off-balance. Kiwanuka is going to have to lose 10 lbs to keep up w the TE- he is listed at 265.

Separately, I like the DeOssie pick... Steve DeOssie's son, if anything like his father he will overachieve and be a keeper.

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