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Saturday, April 28, 2007

yet more WRs

and then the Giants signed Burress in free agency, and it was not enough. and then the Giants drafted Moss, and it was not enough. and then the Giants drafted Smith, and ...

It will never be enough.

Wide receivers do not win championships. Apparently this former Wide Receivers coach feels the need to have weapons for Manning, as if that is the antedote to the team's woes on offense. On offense, this team needs an accurate QB and a Left Tackle. It could have used Leonard (picked immediately thereafter) for the dump off passes that would lift Manning's putrid completion percentage. But what it needs most is defense. We picked up a DT in the 3rd round. VG. But WR in round two? Unless Steve Smith becomes a household name (consistent Pro Bowler), the pick is failure. It is a misallocation of resources, assuming there is a reasonable amount of SIMILAR talent available at other positions at that time.

Defense wins championships. Even the Indianapolis Colts, the Manning to Harrison dream WR blueprint... was NOT a WR Super Bowl blueprint. It was Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes (ground game) and Bob Sanders (defense) that won the Colts a Super Bowl.

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