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Saturday, April 14, 2007

DEFENSIVE mindset for the draft

We must rid ourselves of the offensive head coaches and return to our defensive roots. This is why I highlight the absence of a LB as a first round pick.

a) when you pick at #20, all of the 'expert' analysis is mostly gone and out the window... all it takes is one player, LB or otherwise.
b) in the first round you ALWAYS draft for TALENT. Go for the impact player and get the role players in later rounds to work around HIM. You do not draft a "versatile" player.. that means he's a tweener, and the first round is about finding a DOMINANT player at a SPECIFIC position.
c) when I say pick a LB, I merely point out that in a macro sense that we have lost our defensive identity over the past 15 years. the only time we had one was when NOT COINCIDENTALLY Armstead was there growing into (and being) that dominant player. Strahan, Sehorn and Armstead was the three-headed monster in 1997 that was the second best defense we have ever had (in my lifetime). Getting guys like Barrow and Pierce are savers... they lose another year of their prime getting into your system so you only get that 2-3 years of juice and then they are already going downhill. If they are a part of your draft they give you 6 years of dominance.
d) I really like going back to statistics.... in theory over the past 23 years the draft has been equally weighted with the same talent level in all positions. So how can it be that a position that has 3/22nds (or even 4/22nds!) of your team be 1/24th (or 0/23rds) of your 1st rounders?!!! There is obviously systematic neglect. And this is because we have had FOUR SUCCESSIVE OFFENSIVE HEAD COACHES. These f'g idiots draft high WRs (in the first, 2nd, 3rd rounds) when wide receivers today (more than ever) are meathead loser primadonas that do not control the game the way a defensive end, linebacker, left tackle, and quarterback do. If anything, LBs should have an even GREATER weighting, because teams do not normally draft guards and safeties and fullbacks in the first round.

We won two Super Bowls with guys named Manuel, Johnson, Robinson, Baker and Ingram. Only one of those was a first rounder (#28 1987), and he was not exactly an impact player either.

1991-present (offensive identity)
HANDLEY (running backs)
REEVES (running backs)
FASSEL (quarterbacks)
COUGHLIN (wide receivers)

1983-1991 (defensive identity)
... Parcells (linebackers)

This is not a coincidence. This is one of the main reasons why imo we are not winning a Super Bowl until we can get a defensive coordinator back in there as our new head coach. This is about architecture. Defensive coordinators know how to build good houses. They play good defense, control the game, and when they get close they pick up a fringe WR who is good enough to put them over the top.

e) There is even more irony here... think about guys like David Patten and Joe Jurevicius. They came from our system and then got picked up for Super Bowls (NE, TB) ELSEWHERE. Interesting how the Eagles picked up Stallworth; if not for a few injuries they could have WON THE WHOLE THING last season. WRs are not building blocks. They are pickups.

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