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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Paul Schwartz put together a masterful summary of the Giants Enigma.

In fact, he cuts through the confusion and calls it exactly how it is. Inside the piece he delivers another gem of a stat that I salivated over when I heard it- "When they actually catch the ball, Giants receivers usually go straight down, as they don't have a single player in the top 40 in the NFL in yards after the catch." Add that little ditty to Manning leading the league in INTs, balls deflected at the line of scrimmage, and that stellar passer rating of 72.6, and you get the richest tenured person in America. That yards after catch (yac) was what turned Joe Montana from a very ordinary 3rd round draft choice into a Hall of Famer. HE HIT HIS RECEIVERS IN STRIDE. Imagine where our receivers (and Pro Bowl TE) would be if they were hit in stride? We would have an offense! But instead, we have to listen to guys like Tony Siragusa insult our intelligence by saying that Eli Manning is a very good QB who gets a bad rap. The day after Darren ("I Love New York") Sharper retires, go ask him how good a QB Eli Manning is. In the meantime, 31 other teams spend all their time praising Eli. That 72.6 rating is what punches everyone else's meal ticket. Nothing like a little mediocrity to make the NFL world go 'round. Thanks Schwartz for lifting the haze of this "Smoke Screen" and calling it like it is.

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