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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Special Teams Video

The Top 5 NY Giants Special Teams Fakes

What jumps out at you? That ALL 5 were in the Parcells regime. And what was such a mind blower was #1, a play I totally forgot about. But the point here is that Fassel and Coughlin have not tried a single INTENTIONAL fake in the past ELEVEN years! You have to keep teams honest, stretch their players, maybe it forces the opposition to have certain people on the field in case of a fake that will not be able to help the other 97% of the time on routine kick/punt coverage. As an example, when Hester is back at the goal line on a FG attempt, fake the kick and try 11 on 10! A missed FG is going to be spotted 7-8 yards behind the line of scrimmage, so what do you have to lose? Show me a team with tendencies, a team that is predictable, and I will show you a team that gets beat. Another good time to do a fake is near the end of the half/game, because often the opposition cries Uncle and calls for a timeout because they are unprepared. That is one timeout less they will have, which is the difference between winning and losing in the NFL. Just ask the Eagles and Bears the past two weeks.

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