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Monday, December 17, 2007

Wash 22 NYG 10

Don't worry, Shockey is fine. It is the Giants that are ill.

Stop the excuses, we are a very ordinary team. Beating Buffalo next weekend is not a lock by any stretch. And the Pats will not be laying down for anyone even if they have homefield sewn up. So the Giants are now potentially looking at 9-7 and they will need some help if that is the case. WHO CARES?!! We are going nowhere whether we are in the playoffs or not.

The number of mistakes made by the Giants last night would take forever to list. So you have to assign blame on the coaches if the offenders were far and wide, which in this case it most certainly was. Pierce said the Redskins wanted the win more than the Giants did. Okay, now that we have that settled, why?

Once again it comes back to the lack of urgency from Manning. His receivers were awful last night, dropping many of his passes. But last night I sure missed Kerry Collins' firm and tight spiral. No it was not Manning who dropped that sure TD pass to Toomer. But it was Manning who threw more deflected passes, and he leads the league in passes deflected at the line of scrimmage, a TELLing stat about his problem with giving the defense too much information.

Shockey out for season-- a big problem? It would be if we were actually playing to our potential and if he were the center of our offense and the center of our team. He is the most dominant player on our squad yet will not be missed. Why? Because he is wasted by Coughlin. Not wasted by Gilbride, wasted by Coughlin. In 4 years with Coughlin at the head, be it Hufnagel or Gilbride, Shockey's numbers have been below where they should be. He takes two men with him on pass routes and one on blocking assignments, so where should he be? Last week he got ONE pass reception for FOUR TOTAL YARDS. This week he got TWO for EIGHTEEN yards. Ridiculous. So he won't be missed (except in the running game, ironically).... get another TE who can block and you have replaced the Coughlin Shockey TE.

It would be interesting to see if the Bills can beat us. Maybe someone wants it more than we do. If so, we would finish 9-7 and the questions would seep in again about Coughlin. How is this possible after being 9-4 and 7-3? Because we do not protect home field and the fans have every right to boo them. We were favorites vs the Vikings and lost. We were favorites vs the Skins and lost. Shame on them.

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