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Saturday, December 8, 2007


1) Kudos to Harold, who points out more Coughlin foibles. Some mention that the FG required at the end of the Bear game was such a tangible risk, that it is a PAT distance which our kicker can miss, thus making the strategy of burning down the clock and taking the PAT FG somehow riskier than giving them the ball with 1:33 left AND 1 timeout. Harold points out that (a) between the extra couple of seconds you get before they even reset the game clock, there would have been ~ 3 seconds left, not 15 seconds, thereby ELIMINATING the kickoff to Hester altogether and ICING the game completely. (b) IF COUGHLIN WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT THE PAT AS A LIABILITY IN THE WINDY CONDITIONS ETC.., WHY DIDN'T HE GO FOR THE TWO AFTER THE TD SO THAT WE WOULD BE UP BY 6 AND MAKE THEIR PAT (IF THEY SCORED) AN ISSUE???!!! At that point we were up by 4, and 4 or 5 makes no difference, 6 can make a difference.

2) That trade we made in the offseason to get Reuben Droughns? We gave up Tim Carter, who has been lighting it up in Cleveland... 7 catches this SEASON and 1 TD reception. Not. The only irony of that trade is that we were so loaded at RB that we had to trade Ryan Grant to the Packers for an undisclosed draft pick. Marvelous was quick to point out that losing Grant was bad for us.

3) With Pierce (likely) out, Wilson out, it makes the Westbrook problem even more acute. And as long as Burress is ailing and cannot stretch the field, that makes the Eagles' aggressive fronts more of a matchup problem than normal. Hope I am incorrect, but realistically you have to like the Eagles tomorrow. Speaking of hope, at least McNabb is back... that is a plus for us!

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