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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dallas at NYG

The stakes are huge for the Giants. If they lose there is realistically no bye this year. How do they win this game?

1) Manning plays 4 quarters. See prev blog.
2) No romo-ing right. The Dallas QB is as lethal rolling out of the pocket RIGHT as Manning has been lethal on play action.
3) The battle of the line of scrimmage is (as usual) critical. When the Giants have the ball, they must create that surge to get the run yards and make the play action more effective. Dallas has been effective against the run, and the Giants need to establish the run. A war.
3a) On the other side, the Giants dline needs to stop Dallas on first down so that it can get the 4 DE's on the field to make plays. Romo needs as much pressure as possible, and the Giants will give him a lot more than they did last game, when Strahan was not in season's form and Umenyiora was hurt. (Dallas did NOT see the 4DL rush in the first game.)
4) The Tight Ends. We need Shockey to get a lot of touches. He always gets the better of Williams, and that is the mismatch we have to leverage. Likewise, with Witten the bad news is he is always trouble for us. The good news is that we cannot do any worse against him than we did in the first game.
5) Beat the cr*p out of them! This game will be won by the team that is more physical. Control the line, beat up their WRs, pound Romo, bring the game to them or else they will bring the game to us.

If the Giants play their 'A' game they are a better team than the Cowboys and will win.

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