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Sunday, November 18, 2007

NYG 16 Lions 10

Not pretty. A win is a win, especially on the road. But the game should not have been this close. As we have been saying all season, the Giants made enough mistakes to cost them vs better teams, but since they happened vs a weaker team we still managed to prevail. This theme has plenty of legs, because once again we were our own worst enemy.

The GOOD- Manning. Offensive Line. Strahan (3 sacks) and Tuck. Some opportunistic picks by Madison, Wilson and Butler off of deflections. Jacobs in the 1st half. Bradshaw kickoff return to start Q3. Tynes (3 for 3).

The Bad- some garbage penalties, some of which were horrible calls by the officials.

The UGLY- Moss and Jacobs fumbles in Lions territory that took anywhere from 6 to 14 points off the board. The prevent defense, which gives up more points in 1.5 minutes (7) than the first 54 minutes (3).

Jacobs injured his hamstring and Kiwanuka broke his leg. Manning is using hard counts to draw the defense offsides. He could not use this weapon in previous years because it would draw a false start from Petitgout first and thereby cause more harm than good. (that was a joke, guys.)

Summary- good win, but should not have gone down to a possible late TD causing a loss. Burress came on in second half to help the team, but it is clear he is a liability with diminishing returns now. Nothing has changed from last week's prognosis that we are a flawed team that is in the second tier of a weak conference.

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