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Monday, November 19, 2007

two horrendous calls by the officials

Joke call #1-

Kitna has nowhere to go, runs ~2 steps to his LEFT, is about to get sacked and the ball comes loose. FUMBLE! No, say the officials. SACK! No, say the officials. Intentional grounding??? No again. And the ruling is....Incomplete forward pass! @#$%^&*! SOMEHOW, instead of this being a disaster for the Lions, they get the ball back at the line of scrimmage. Outrageous. If it is somehow ruled a forward pass, it is grounding because he is already in the grasp and the ball is not being thrown to anyone.

Joke call #2-

Kitna is flushed out of the pocket, this time to his right. Despite a huge head start, Tuck is moving too fast for him. Tuck dives for him, gets him by the legs and trips him up. The call? Personal foul, hit below the knees. This call was equivalent to a turnover, because it gave them a first down when they were in deep trouble late in the game. Strahan and Coughlin went nuts in the media on this one. I think we need to start fondling the private parts of QBs lest they feel neglected and unloved.

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