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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Manning at Midseason

From QB Coach Palmer:

Q: Tom Coughlin mentioned that a lot of times what you don’t see is Eli audibling to the right play in the run game…

A: Outstanding. Outstanding.

Q: That is something that probably nobody realizes?

A: No one realizes it. He gives our team numerous chances to be successful, not just in the passing game, but also in the running game.

From Off. Coord. Gilbride:

"We certainly didn’t throw the ball as well as we would have liked and we are disappointed in that despite the conditions. the last game and a half we have not thrown the ball as well. Last week there were extenuating circumstances but the second half of the San Francisco game we didn’t throw the ball particularly well and this week I don’t think we threw the ball as well as we could have even though the conditions were difficult."

Q: What are some of the things you are going to look to improve upon for the second half of the season?

A: I think consistency in throwing the ball. I think that is a fairly obvious area that needs to be looked into. We have had some games where we have been outstanding, we have had some halves where we have been exceptional, but in terms of game-in and game-out for the entirety of the game, I think if there is an area that needs to be scrutinized and hopefully investigated to the point where we could come up with some reasons why and get those things corrected, that would be the area.

ultimatenyg comment- Manning's play controls the fate of this team. Inconsistent? We get another wild card and another playoff loss. Consistent? IF MANNING PLAYS 4 QUARTERS WE CAN BEAT ANYONE IN THE LEAGUE, INCLUDING THE PATRIOTS. Why? Because we have an excellent offensive and defensive line. It is not unreasonable to ask a 4th year QB to play for 4 quarters. Historically speaking, the odds do NOT favor such an outcome. His track record indicates declining production. Maybe that can change this year if Burress can get healthier and Manning gets some religion. All I am saying is that the leverage is HUGE. With the exception of specials, the team is there to go very far if Manning can deliver.

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