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Saturday, November 10, 2007

getting ready for Dallas

1) The starters at CB in week 1 vs Dallas were McQuarters and Webster. Now they are a healthy Madison and Ross.
2) The Giants are last in the NFL in red zone defense. The coaching staff analyzed this during the bye week to determine what tendencies can be changed to get better there.
3) A win on Sunday extends the winning streak to 7, which would be the longest since 1990, when that team won 10 straight. Get it? Long winning streaks are the hallmark of consistent teams that WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS.
4) Those Red Jerseys the Giants will be wearing on Sunday are a crock of s**t.
5) Speaking about crocks of s**t, Flex Scheduling has moved the Giants-Lions game to 1PM next week to bump the Dallas-Skins game to 4PM. People who buy tickets and actually attend these games are pawns. Ridiculous! Like the Lions-Giants game had to be moved? Two potentially 7-2 teams in the FOX national slot? Insane, all of it.
6) 6 out of the 10 geniuses take the Boys on Sunday. This is a good thing for us. And Blezow does NOT have the Giants as his (Sch)lock of the week. Thank you thank you!
7) Manning has a 79 QB rating, but he has a 99 rating in the red zone. WHY? Because the playcalling by Gilbride in the red zone has been (unlike last year) unpredictable. I also think that down in the red zone (where speed is so critical) Manning thinks less and throws to a certain spot, thereby avoiding the telegraph and INT.
8) The Giants have 30 sacks through 8 games. They had 32 all of last year.
9) Yah, so the Gmen are 6-0 vs teams with a combined record of 13-36. But let's give credit to the Giants for getting their business done... do you think that the Giants are going to be slightly more up for the Dallas game than they were for the 49ers or the Dolphins? The Giants are a confident team that has a lot to prove tomorrow.
10) Pierce says the Giants were flying to the ball in practice this week, and have not practiced this well (fast) since the Giants beat the Skins 36-0 after Mara died.
11) Bradshaw looks to get more action this weekend... as long as he protects the ball, he IS a HUGE help on pass catching out of the backfield.
12) I am very disappointed in our third receiver option. Moss sucks, he does not finish runs, and does not get first downs. And Smith is out again... is durability going to be a problem here?

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