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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chris Snee

Chris Snee is in the last year of his contract. Pay the man. He is such a solid part of this team, it is almost not worth mentioning. But this blog likes taking moments like these to herald the play of guys like this.

In all of his years as a Giant on the field, perhaps the only time he ever cost the Giants anything was when Bradshaw ran for a TD in the GB NFC Championship game which was called back by a Snee hold. And the call was chickens**t too. All Snee does is protect the QB, make super solid blocks and pulls on the running game, show up for every game. He was Mr. Consistent (at a very high level) on the single most consistent unit of the team in 2007. Or to put it one last way- Snee's value and cost will only go up next season if he ever gets the recognition he deserves as a Pro Bowl Guard. So pay him now and lock him up before it gets more costly later. By the way, Snee is yet another in a long line of solid #2 round draft picks by the gmen.


Cody said...

If Snee tried to mess around, Tom will leverage Katie and in turn, Katie will turn and yap away in Chris' ear. Snee isn't going anywhere!!

I'm kidding. I agree with this post. Pay Snee now, he deserves it. Did you guys read that article about him in the NY Times a while back? Snee really seems like a F*ing GREAT guy.

Jeremy said...

as much as OL's got paid in this years draft, pay now, or REALLY pay later. No sense in a rookie getting a $30 signing bonus.

Jon said...

Bottom line: it's fourth and one early in the final (winning) drive of the Super Bowl. Pandemonium in the stadium. Where do the G-men run the ball with Jacobs? Duh. They run right, behind Snee and McKenzie. With help from Hedgecock, Jacobs gets through the hole, gets the first down, and the rest is history. Snee is extremely valuable to this team. Period.

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