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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Will Michael Strahan play another year?

Antonio Pierce chimed in with his view on whether Strahan will play another year. I do not believe that anyone really 'knows' or not... I truly do not think Strahan has made up his mind. I think he wants the money because his ex-wife took a chunk of money out of the divorce. No, he does not NEED the money, but he wants to maintain a lifestyle and will not make nearly the money in broadcasting that he is making as a player. He can play just one more year and perhaps make more than any other year he has played. The thing that gives me a small bias that he will return is that sometime in March his agent did make preliminary inquiries with the Giants. In case anyone here thinks it is so simple, contrast Pierce's take on Strahan with Toomer's. Two people, two views. Who REALLY knows?

How many of you out there think the Giants would have won the Super Bowl without Strahan? That is how important he is. We can win without him if a healthy Kiwi steps in and gives us the healthy rotation you need in order to spell linemen in a 60 minute game. (... you have to assume SOMEONE gets hurt during the season.) I thought Strahan was about as effective as he has ever been in his career, once he got past those first 3-4 games because of the lack of camp. That was why he still had gas left in the tank on February 3rd. He really needs a different set of rules in camp if he does return. I think that the new Coughlin understands that.

If anyone out there in ultimatenygland has a strong opinion and a strong reason why he retires or returns, pls comment. It still feels like a coin toss.

1 comment:

Cody said...

Strahan is so strong against the run though - that's something that few people give him full credit for. He's very underrated there; and it seems like that is because he is such a veteran. It would be a challenge to assume someone else could come in and be able to play all downs, you know? Yeah, Kiwi can get to the passer; but can he stop the run like Strahan? Maybe...maybe not!

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