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Monday, May 12, 2008

John Clayton of ESPN reports on the NY Giants

1) John Clayton says that despite all the talk about Shockey, he is going to stay. The Saints were the only ones to offer anything serious for him. They offered a 2 and 5, the Giants wanted a 1. The draft is over and the Giants did not draft a TE. Despite some of the talk from Shockey and the trade ideas, no trade is going to get done so Shockey is going to remain a Giant.

2) John Clayton says that it looks like Strahan is leaning toward retirement. A lot of players Strahan speaks to have left them as confused as all of us. Strahan spoke with Tuck yesterday and even Tuck is confused. At this point Strahan's head simply is not in football and the speculation is (see Antonio Pierce remarks from Thursday May 8) that he is not going to be able to summon up the desire to do battle when he has gotten his prized ring.

I think that Clayton has a good and unbiased sense of what is there and what is NOT there for these players. At this moment in time it looks like Strahan will not be in uniform on opening day and that Shockey will be.


Jeremy said...

I'd love to see him play one more season, have a victory tour. But I defintely understand the desire to go out on top.

Mitch said...

I wish Michael well if he decides to retire. Nobody will begrudge him one bit if this is the way he decides to go out. He won his last game as a professional and went out a Super Bowl champion. How many athletes get to do that?

He'll probably work in some TV studio next season and his "10 table ring."

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