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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Strahan speculation, Diehl contract extension

Here comes the parade of players wanting contract extensions, including Snee and Burress mentioned. Diehl deserves an extension because he was getting Guard money for Tackle time. Also, with no OLinemen drafted and Whimper the only remote possibility of threatening his job security, Reese has to pay the man. Not mentioned was Umenyiora; thankfully he is not going to hold out but he will still want to get an extension.

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This American Fan said...

Did anyone catch Antonio Pierce on Howard Stern today? Pierce was "interning" on the show for a day. It really sounded more like "Take a Celebrity to Work Day."

I liked how honest Pierce was. Especially when talking about Tiki. He found it interesting that during Tiki's last year he was talking about being such a team guy but then he announced his retirement in the middle of the season. He also seemed digusted with Tiki talking trash about the team on national tv.

Kawika Mitchell called in to say hello and harass Pierce. Mitchell didn't have much to say. Mitchell did mention that he spoke with a mutual friend, Jesse Armstead. I'm curious to know how the three of them got to know each other. The 3 of them never played on the same Giants team.

Best quote of the morning came from Artie Lange talking about Buffalo: "Buffalo...where fun goes to die." I went to college up near there and I can tell you, Artie isn't kidding!

Anyhow, I'm sure my recap doesn't do Pierce's appearance justice. It was a good one because it gave Pierce more depth than you usually get.

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