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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The other half of the Jeremy Shockey question...

resides with the offensive coordinator, Kevin Gilbride. We have been arguing since the beginning of December when he went down (and even before that while he was mired in lack of pass production) that the Jeremy Shockey question was shared with his coordinator. Kevin Gilbride, with notable exception in Game 9 (Week 10) vs the Cowboys after the bye, repeatedly did not feature the starting TE in the passing game. Indeed it seemed that stonehands rookie Matthews got more passes at times than Shockey. Yesterday Gilbride talked to the media a little bit about our starting TE, and it does not sound good. While I am the first person to admit that you cannot have a player dictating to a coach how he should be played, I have been saying all along that that use is flawed. So what now? It seems that Shockey does not want this rift to go away because he wants to be used more than the Giants can commit to. Shockey is under contract- he needs to support his team until they as managers can make it work. They did not make it work until he went down and Smith/Bradshaw came into the offense. Shockey for his part has to realize there are more weapons than ever in this offense and that he can help this team win with just a few more touches than he has been receiving. Stay healthy. Celebrate touchdowns. Block for the running game. Have Gilbride not waste your receiver talents. Show up for camp, shut your mouth and play.

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