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Friday, September 12, 2008


Not good.. A GREAT SHOW.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Strahan, Manning and Coughlin. 6 Parts. One great story produced by the NFL Network. And you'll hear a few more nuggets that you never heard before.

America's Game Part 1- The 2007 Giants

America's Game Part 2

America's Game Part 3

America's Game Part 4

America's Game Part 5

America's Game Part 6


Ken said...

Brother Andy, you weren't lying when you said those videos were great. I started watching the first one and couldn't stop until I'd watched them all.

How can you not like Eli, Tom, and Michael after watching that?

And some very revealing video - Coughlin's early practices and his philosophy of being on time for a meeting, to his change in approach to dealing with his players. Eli's growth as a leader, Michael's determination to just enjoy his final year . . . great, great stuff. Thanks for posting those links.

Mitch said...

Great stuff Andy. Nice move by putting them on the blog for Giants fans to see if they do not have access to the NFL Network.

If anyone has not seen the 1986 video with Bill Parcells, Phil Simms & Lawrence Taylor...and the 1990 version with Jeff Hostetler, Otis Anderson & Carl Banks they are also worth your time. The NFL Network does a great job producing these.

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