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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Be careful who you cut, you might have to play against him

Hedgecock: "There was a player the new coach (at St. Louis) wanted to keep, a guy he had been familiar with before, and so I was just the spare tire. I knew I was a better player. Heck, everybody on the team knew that. But I was the one who got cut. So now we play the Rams in our second game this season? Out there? Good."

I would not want to be in Hedgecock's way this weekend, he sounds like he wants to spit razor blades.


xtian said...

hahaha those fools. that kind of reasoning on decisions shows why the giants won the super bowl and the rams sucked. thank you rams!

Rob said...

who is the player he is referring to that they took over him?

Andy F. said...

Richard Owens. He was a TE (who incidentally is no longer with the Rams). Scott Linehan, the head coach, wanted another TE on the roster. Owens played for the Vikings and Linehan was the Offensive Coordinator with the Vikings.

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