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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Marvelous on the New York Giants versus the Washington Redskins

No confidence in them. Very concerned about them winning the game on Thursday. Lucky we are playing the Skins as opposed to playing the Eagles or Boys. Thinks the Giants going after McDougle was a way to maybe enable them to get Kiwanuka back to LB if McDougle can aid at DE. "I am worried about Clinton Portis. I do not like our LBers. The defense with Clark and Pierce is not fast." Marvelous puts himself in the shoes of the Redskins and says that if I am the Skins I go after those guys (at LB).

LBer is easily the weakest unit on the team. One can argue that they were the ones who suffered the loss when Umenyiora went down, but the reason the Giants moved Kiwanuka back was because they knew he would make more of an impact at line. So what does THAT say about him as a starter at LB? The Giants should play a 5-1-5 and stop the charade. Unless it is 3rd and ~2 or less that is what they will be in.


glenn warciski said...

I disagree with Marvelous. The Giants linebackers are good. Pierce is the linchpin. If he goes down then we are in trouble. The key to this game defensively for the Giants is for Cofield and Robbins to stuff the run. I am confident Wilkinson, Clark and Pierce can make tackles.

New York Football Giants

Andy F. said...

where is the speed in LB? Wilkinson showed some, so why did he have so much difficulty in simply getting past an aging Clark? The only reason he surfaces as a starter is because Osi gets hurt and moves Clark over when Kiwi moved back to line. At week 1 there is not a doubt in my mind that LB is the weakest unit on this team. If by Week 17 Wilkinson grows up and Pierce does not wear down (like he seems to do each year), then that is the only way LB is not a liability. 24 years of neglect and counting.

jimcass said...

I am pumped for the game tonight! How awesome would it be to have the Redskins beat the defending Super Bowl Champs to start the opener??? I think the Giants have a great deal of talent but I also think they got hot at just the right time as well last year. I will take our D over the G-mens D and our RB and TE over the Giants as well. It’s great to have the NFL again and with the NFC East going to have 4 great power teams it’s going to a fun season in which I hope the Skins surprise a lot of people. I already got my opener tickets next week vs the Saints. Since I belong to the Redskins myspace page I got a coupon code: RXL5 and I saved like $30 extra on my eSellOut tickets if anyone else might be interested?
Should be fun, I hope the Eli Manning looks like the Eli many of us have grown to laugh at over the years and not the Eli who was Super Bowl MVP. I think a healthy dose of CP will be more than enough to beat the Giants tonight!

xtian said...

I agree that LB is the weakest link in the Giants D, but it is also the least important of DL or DB as it gets subbed out.

Pierce does seem to break down and slow as the season unfolds, but he is a good leader and positions the rest of the team well. Clark is another underrated Mitchell--a solid unspectacular pro. Wilkerson is the only speed guy who played quite well when Mitchell was hurt at the end of last year making quite a few tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Injuries have held him back and make him questionable. but he has the most potential to be a game changer. Kehl is the only backup who has the potential to be an above average LB.

Thank you Redskin fan jimcass for the ticket info. Unfortunately for you, Washington is probably in for a tough year of growing pains with an inexperienced coaching staff. This would not be so bad in other divisions, but as we all know the NFC East is a monster division. Still, we share your excitement about the season. :)

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