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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Dallas 23 NY 20

I saw that we changed our uniform colors, but instead of going to red, they might as well have made it the silver and black. 9 penalties for 94 yards? 4 personal fouls? In one game? C'mon. Ludicrous.

So now this is the 4th straight loss. The Bears, Jaguars, Titans and Cowboys did not outplay us in any of those games. We beat ourselves. Sure, if we played the Chargers right now they would outplay us and beat us. The Giants are not playing to the level at Week 5-6. But Manning certainly bounced back and played well enough for us to win. Mistakes at critical times killed us. And it all has to eventually fall on Coughlin.

Ernie Accorsi (correctly) states that you can never have enough good pass rushers when he drafts Kiwanuka after already having two pro bowl ends. He implies that pressuring the QB is one of the most critical elements in today's game, and I concur. So why is that when we tie the score with ~ 1 minute left, we rush 3 men at Romo on the FIRST play from scrimmage? It becomes a 2-for-1 bake sale as Romo now gets two cracks at us on the same play... the first on his receiver's regular routes, and then the bonus when Romo easily evades a double-teamed Umenyiora and has enough time back there to organize his fan club while he awaits the second wave of ad-libbed routes. A killer.

Dr. Rob and Marvelous chime in with some of the predictable red zone playcalling. After a first down pass, don't we all know that a handoff to Barber on second down is coming? I knew. Rob and Marvelous knew. It seemed the Cowboys knew too.

Blezow is wrong again, 0-2 on his best bets. He tried in vain to help the Giants cause by laying the -3.5 with the Boys but it was not enough to make us outright winners.

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