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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Feagles stories

For those of you who missed it this past weekend, Feagles put on a clinic in how to send a punt out of bounds on the sideline, and also how to get balls downed inside the 20. I remember being overjoyed how the Giants lured him out of retirement for one more year. Pro Bowler Steve Smith: "I can't remember a time - in high school, college or the pros - when a punter controlled me the way Feagles did."

And then there is the bullsh*t I had to read for Feagles taking responsibility for the ugly loss to the Eagles in 2003. In today's papers he recounts how he was told to punt it out of bounds and instead accidentally hit it right at Westbrook. Westbrook breaks it and the Giants lose. So on the surface, it does appear to be true, that Feagles let us down. But that would be INCORRECT! Feagles is taking the high road, taking blame when it fell squarely on the ass*el for going into the tank and protecting a measly 10-7 lead instead of playing 60 minutes. To quote one NYG after that game: "You might call it bad luck, but we just aren't finishing football games." Read between the lines and learn, just as when the Gmen lost to the Titans this year, that IT IS NOT BAD LUCK WHEN YOU BLOW LATE GAME LEADS- IT IS BAD COACHES WHO TELL THEIR PLAYERS TO PLAY 60 MINUTES WHILE THEY ONLY COACH FOR 50.

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