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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

John Fox

We here on this blog are ILL. HL, Marvelous, Dr. Rob, RG.. we ALL wanted Fox. Read this from Paul Schwartz and weep...

NY Post: JOHN Fox never knew how close he was to becoming the Giants' head coach. In early 2001, after the Giants shocked the football world by surging all the way to Super Bowl XXXV, where they were thrashed by the Ravens, Jim Fassel was in line for a hefty raise and the Giants were willing to comply, to a point. Negotiations got hot and heavy and it soon was evident Fassel wanted more than the Giants were willing to give.
The Giants, believing Fassel was a good coach but not a great one, were prepared to walk down the hall, into the office of their defensive coordinator and hand the head-coaching job to Fox. Sure, it would have been a strange scenario and a public-relations mess - jettison a coach who just took you to the Super Bowl? - but that's how strongly the Giants felt about Fox's potential. Fassel and the Giants eventually agreed to terms, and Fox nearly left for Buffalo but returned for one more season before he was hired by the Panthers in 2002.

1 comment:

Crazed Giant fan said...

It would be nice to wave the magic wand and presto, Fox is our head coach. Ditto for Belichick. But that is not the way things work. So though I am hoping fof a coaching change at the end of the year, I am conscious of the fact that we may get a Fassel or a Handley. I hope the new GM comes in and cleans house. As for this season, I can't see us winning the last 4 games. NO matches up well against us. Our secondary is dreck. Plus, Philly will be tough and I half expect the Panthers to beat us this weekend.

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