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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Simms speaks on the Giants

Was flicking to traffic reports on my way into the city Saturday evening, so I get Bloomberg radio... and out of nowhere is an interview with Phil Simms. Talk migrates to the Giants. Q: If the Giants lose to Dallas this weekend, is their season over? A: (Paraphrased) Most definitely NOT. As the Giants get their players back they will be very dangerous in the playoffs. They still rate to get that wild card berth if they lose. They have so many impact players on both sides of the ball that they will be tough once they are healthy again. Simms echoed our sentiments before the injuries ripped through the team... that the NYGiants were among the elite teams at that time and can get back to that level quickly.

Simms is not a bs artist. He calls it the way he sees it. He won't take shots at a player or a team, but he will be 'cooler' to the idea if that is his take. His polite and professional way of answering no would be to say "it'll be tough." Tonight he did nothing of the kind.

Separately, he ripped into the cliche about (Dallas-NY) "big" games and "pressure" moments. He reminded us that every snap is important, every game is important... that as a player on the field it was big all the time and there was not the time to think about the next play being bigger or less important than the preceding play.

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