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Sunday, December 10, 2006

NYG 27 Carolina 13

The Panthers were injury-riddled. We were bad, and the Panthers were worse. Was some of it no Delhomme? Yes. A good QB and a set of receivers who can hold onto the ball for them and we get roasted. The funny thing is that the Giants picked up the win, they can win against the Eagles if they don't beat themselves, and the next thing you know, they own the tiebreakers against all 3... so they are pretty much in the playoffs. We still need Strahan back. More doubt was cast on that today by Joe Buck. (Note that it always seems to take week+1 before a returning player can have his presence felt. It took Wilson a few weeks.. it took 2 weeks by Umneyiora before the 'cat'-like pass rusher we know and love was back. So we need Strahan back so that he can get the rust out and contribute by the playoffs.)

Time for some Manning-bashing. He still su**s. List of errors in general play:
1) Does not look off one side of the field.
2) Underthrows or throws too high on crossing routes.
3) Does not lead receivers properly.
4) Mechanics bad on setting his feet- pussy factor.

Did he play better than the Chi-Jax-Tenn set? Yes. But he did not play as well as the Dallas game, and continues to show zero lack of progress in so many areas. His poor pass in the left flat to Barber in the redzone killed that drive. His inability to look off one side of the field allows multiple defenders to cheat on their assignments and allow for quicker/gang tackling. YAC was low today because his (lack of) accuracy does not enable catches in stride. He made some VERY NICE passes, one of which was stepping into the pocket for the 45 yarder to Burress early. The Tyree TD pass was nice. And his connection to Tyree on a 4th and 10 was done with tremendous poise. But he leaves so much more on the field. Against a weak opponent these issues get glossed over, but when we play the better teams/playoffs every pass is going to matter.

We were 4-18 on third down.

The Panthers sold out on the Jacobs short yardage running plays, and it showed in our diminished ability to move the chains/TD in those setups. You must not be so predictable.

Dr. Rob points out that rookie Dockery had a very good game. Keyshawn ("Star") Johnson is no longer the premier receiver he once was, so I will want to see more in coming weeks, but it was nonetheless very encouraging.

Did you notice something today that was missing? PENALTIES! Only 2 for 10 yards, and NO personal fouls! Yahhooo! Funny how winning becomes a little easier when you are not burning 94 yards for the other team.

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