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Sunday, January 14, 2007

1st Annual ULTIMATENYG Awards

1) Offensive Player of the Year- Tiki Barber
2) Defensive Player of the Year- None
3) Crippling injury of the Year- Michael Strahan
4) Coach of the Year- None. Coughlin sucks and no good coach wants to work for him either.
5) Play of the Year- Manning audibling at the line in OT vs Phil for the Burress TD
6) Most Improved Player Award- Kevin Dockery
7) Rookie of the Year- Barry Cofield. His play went down at the end of the year, but any rookie on the defensive line that starts and plays the whole season by itself is worthy of the award.
8) Disappointment of the Year- Eli Manning
9) Ugly Play of the Year- Tie: Kiwanuka letting go of Young, Hester TD on missed FG.
10) The Please Cut Him Already Award- Tim Carter
11) Honorable Mention Award- David Diehl
12) Official "Bust" Tag Declaration Award- William Joseph
13) The "On-Deck" Bust Tag Award- Eli Manning, Corey Webster
14) Special Teams Player of the Year Award- Jeff Feagles
15) The Stupid Penalty of the Year Award- Frank Walker
16) (Stupid) Decision of the Year Award- John Mara
17) Inflection Point of the Year Award- Will Demps Missed Tackle on 3rd and 22.
18) Best Game of the Year- at Dallas
19) Worst Game of the Year- New Orleans
20) Prominent Player Most Likely to NOT be on the roster next year- Carlos Emmons
21) No Character Award- Bob Whitfield

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