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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Saturday's game-changers

No love lost seeing Jerry Jones and the Boys going down when Romo the Magnificent fell to earth. But watching Brain Waters implode the Chiefs was pretty painful to watch. The scene: The Colts are dominating the Chiefs, marching up and down the field. But the Chiefs defense is bending, not breaking, as they hold them to two FGs and a 6-0 lead. On the Colts' 3rd drive, Ty Law picks off a pass and runs it to the Colts 9. On Third and Goal at the 1, with the line in tight (emphasize TIGHT, CLOSE) formation, the Left Guard Brian Waters comes out of the snap and IMMEDIATELY plants his right leg on Trent Green's left foot, causing Green to trip and fall for a 4 yard loss. The 22 yd chip shot FG is missed as Tynes clangs the ball off the left upright. EMPTY turnover when Ty Law had gift-wrapped a TD oppty for the offense.

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