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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Cowher the NON-retread

Unlike Coughlin, Cowher knows more than a thing or two about winning. His players are disciplined. In his 15 seasons, he has compiled a 161-99-1 record, including playoff games. Under Cowher's stewardship, the Steelers have won eight division titles, earned 10 playoff berths, advanced to the conference championship game six times, appeared in two Super Bowl games and won one. You can lure this guy out retirement, if not this year (by buying out his contract), next year. The man constantly gets depleted by free agency and then gets new players who seemingly overachieve consistently, the mark of an effective coach.

ELEVEN OUT OF FIFTEEN SEASONS WITH A WINNING RECORD. 6, 3, 2 winning seasons in a row. His teams are CONSTANTLY competitive, even when they 'rebuild.'

Contrast this with the Giants, who cannot handle ANY prosperity.

Do you think I'd mind having him coach our team?

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