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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

3 of a kind

From Pro Football Weekly: "There is a school of thought that Hufnagel has hurt Eli Manning’s development because he too often went away from the team’s three best weapons — WR Plaxico Burress, TE Jeremy Shockey and RB Tiki Barber — when things got tight and rarely adjusted well to opponents’ defensive play calls. But an NFC talent evaluator said the bigger problem might be Manning’s perceived lack of toughness in the pocket. Too often, the scout said, Manning pulls off of his throws under pressure, leading to errant tosses. Several times against the Redskins in Week 17, Manning appeared to shy away from contact when the rush neared, and there was less velocity or accuracy on those throws. Teams are well aware of this: The Giants, especially since WR Amani Toomer went down, have been blitzed relentlessly in passing situations."

Unless you are Mr. McGoo, we are all talent evaluators. And we all know that Manning is fast becoming a rich man's Dave Brown if this situation is not corrected. He needs help fast, and I do not have the confidence in Coughlin to get it to him because we saw many problems last year, and they have multiplied.

But it could be worse. We could be the Detroit Lions, who have just given Millen another year. That franchise is in total disarray. If this was a Detroit Lions blog I would just turn it off until they got rid of that genius.

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