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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Phil 23 NYG 20

Okay, Giants fans. Where was this game lost?

a) the 9 penalties
b) when we burned one TO on Lorenzen's aborted 3rd and 1
c) when we burned yet another TO when Tyree was on the wrong side of the field and we could not snap it before the clock ran down
d) more inept red zone possessions which end with FGs instead of TDs

Or how about my favorite (e) Having the ball at midfield in Q1 THREE times and not capitalizing on the defense's early help.

Manning is still garbage. I could use a few months off without having to watch him pathetically and anemically throwing off his back foot to a Giant receiver's ankles. Did anyone notice the first half bomb to Burress that we got the defensive pass interference call? It was severely underthrown yet again, so Burress has to stop his route after he has beaten the entire team and then luckily an Eagle runs into him before the ball arrives. If it is thrown accurately it is 7.

Every time Westbrook ran to his right, I kept looking for Strahan. This team was not able to beat a single credible opponent w/o him.

We were 10th in the league this year in penalties, an improvement from 3rd in the league last season. Woohoo. Mangini's Jets were 31st... the second lowest total. When I watched them earlier today, they were so much more disciplined and organized than we were at any point in our season. Let the underachieving end and let Coughlin's tenure end. NEXT.

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