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Saturday, January 6, 2007

The line of scrimmage

In the second meeting of the Eagles-Giants, the most glaring 'tell' of the game was how the Eagles offensive line MANHANDLED the Giants defensive line. Run blocking was more like blowing people off the line, ripping holes the size of canyons for their runners to waltz through. Pass protection was equally impressive, with Garcia seemingly having all day back there in the pocket. The media may have been focusing on Manning and Shockey and Barber etc.. but it will be on Kiwanuka, Umenyiora, Joseph, Cofield and Robbins to win this game for the Giants. They cannot get pushed off the line of scrimmage like last game, and they must pressure Garcia. This is the lowest common denominator for Sunday's contest.

I am bullish on Kiwanuka's future. I love Osi's ability to wreak havoc and make impact plays. Robbins has been very good for the Giants this season. Cofield is a rookie starter who is only going to get better. Yet these guys were overpowered by arguably the league's best O-line ~3 weeks ago. I see the Eagles winning because of the edge here. No predictions for blowouts. But simple control of the line of scrimmage will keep the game out of reach for the Giants unless our offense can (uncharacteristically) shoot on all 8 cylinders for 4 quarters and carry the defense.

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