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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2009 NFL Draft Grades

NYG: A-....only bad choice was Nicks over Britt..I think they believe Sintim can play MLB in 2010...SOLID...BROWN is a steal
PHL: A+....PERFECT draft inc. #28...which was PETERS from Buff....Jints/eagles the CLASS OF NFC
WASH: C+...of course if I'm wrong about Orakpo...he'll get some sacks only b/c of Haynesworth...
DAL: D....Cowboys will be below .500 by 2011 for several years...they've destroyed what Parcells left them

ATL: B+....VERY solid...close to A- but no "schmaltz"...a team ON THE RISE...look out in future years
NO: B...down the middle draft..all depends on whether Jenkins can be a "cover the field" kind of SAFETY...
CAR: B-...I actually like MOST of their picks..Robinson a steal..but HATE giving up 1st round pk next yr for Brown
TB: C- ...Their only salvation from an F would be if Freeman becomes a solid QB by 2011..

SEA: A-...VERY solid...good values for picks..and LOVE getting EXTRA #1 next year
SF: A- SAME AS SEATTLE !! CRABTREE and an extra #1...they're building..but have sooo many holes...
STL: B....ok draft ...but I think they could have suckered WASH into trading...also think Laur. will be mediocre..
AZ: B+...WELLS will be OFF rookie of year...with 1200 yds..solid draft...but they have a narrow window to "do it"

CHI: A++++.....what a job...Cutler, Gilbert, Iglesias..etc...AWESOME
MINN: A...Harvin??? STEALLLLLINNNNG !!!! Loadholdt at end of 2nd ?? STEALLLLING?? If Sage is Ok...watch out
DET: A- Mayhew did great...SOLID start...of course, all depends on Stafford in 2011
GB: A- Great drafting for the new 3-4..just not totally sold on Mathews as OLB in 3-4..better in 4-3..good OT's drafted

NYJ: A+..or F...boom or bust with Sanchez..but at least they took a chance..LOVE Greene..and Saulson good value
BUF: C...Maybin is NOT BIG ENOUGH to play DE in NFL..Wood ?? not good value...only gd pick was TE Nelson...
PAT: B-...only Bulter saves their draft..plus the 2 #2's next year..rest of their draft MEDIOCRE..they should have moved up
MIA: C...they sink or swim with Davis...white a QB ?? really doubt it...WR ??? They should have taken Britt

PIT: B-...I don't get Hood at #32..not really their type of DT..some solid players...but should have taken MALU for ILB
CIN: A- or F ??? at least they tried..I think smith a "fat bust"...MALU ? Johnson? could be 3 all-pros..OR...??
BAL: B+...SOLID AGAIN...LOVED OHER at 23 !! what a steal...they manage draft well..but should not have let Scott go
CLE: C-....Mack ?? for Mangini's FIRST PICK ?? only salvation is Robiske..great value

IND: B+...love D. Brown..they think he'll be more reliable than Adai...DT's could be good to fill in that soft middle on D
JAX: A-....got TWO of the 5 best OT's to build OL...LOVE Jennings in 7th round...and Knighton MAY be good...
TENN: B+ love Britt...and Cook..Mouton real value..and Ringer may ring the bell as well...really solid choices..
Hou: B...I like Cushing and Barwin..BUT...really would have preferred Mathews as OLB...lacks "pzzzazz"

OAK: F, F, F...the NFL MUST remove Al Davis...unless they're hoping he's dead before next draft
SD: C+...I like English..but not FAST enough for their 3-4..maybe they can bulk him up to play DE.... I like Vazquez
DEN: F..I give credit to McD !! he's destroyed a franchise FASTER than anyone EVER...bye cutler..and NO VALUE !!
KC: B-...some ok picks..Love Jackson..but too high..needed to add more speed..though O'Connell is interesting

Ultimatenyg remarks: I personally do not believe you can technically "grade" how any GM did until at least 2-3 years go by. Sometimes it is obvious, like in 2007, that Reese did a helluva job with that draft class, because there is little chance that the Giants win it all without the help of all of those rookies.

As a reminder, let's go through what these guys did:
Aaron Ross- changed the tone of the defense when he came in in the second half of the Redskins game in W3. Coincidence? He won us the Jet game even though we barely showed up. He also helped bridge the gap to Webster.
Smith- I'll just say one thing, one of the most forgotten plays is sandwiched in between two highlights: 3rd and 11. I rest my case.
Alford- His sack of Brady was priceless.
DeOssie- Special teams are always underrated.
Boss- Tremendous hands, Shockey's replacement, even Gilgarbage underutilized him.
Johnson- many starts at Safety for the rookie.
Bradshaw- blows open the BUF game, great in the playoffs.

So we will come back in a few years and see how Wonder's assessments made out.


Craig said...

gilgarbage, i love it

Craig said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nick said...

Hakeem was a "bad" choice? Come on, get over it. I'm sure you've never seen him play a single down. He makes plays, plain and simple. Britt is tall, that's it.

drbrian said...

The more I see Nicks on highlight reels and read about him, the better I feel about this pick. I think he's going to be a great player for us. At barely 21 years of age he shows great playmaking ability and field awareness. His change of direction moves after the catch are going to gain a lot of YAC.
I'm still confused by the analysts who were saying Nicks won't run by guys like Plax. If you compare 40 times coming out of college, Nicks had the faster times before his recent hammy injury.
I do think Philly stole Maclin out from under our noses in spite of Giants official denials. And I think Cleveland was happy to oblige ( just a #6 to move up two slots in round 1?) after the aborted trade attempts for Edwards. Hopefully we'll be arguing who's better for the next ten years with Philly fans.

Andy F. said...

Me, I did not want Nicks OR Britt, I wanted a LBer.

As for Wonder "not" seeing Nicks play a single down, incorrect. As for his preference of Britt over Nicks, you'll get to judge him in 3-5 years. I hope you win, because we need Nicks to make an impact.

The Giants simply drafted well because they have a lot of players with lots of potential. We will see and learn more from rookie minicamp.

drbrian said...

Some of the after draft talk was that the Giants liked Sintim so much that had Nicks been off the board they were considering Sintim at #29. If that's true, it definitely worked out for the best. We'll probably never know for sure.

Andy F. said...

Sintim at 29? That would have been almost as bad as Ted Ginn or Heyward-Bey. You trade down! I hope the Giants are right about Sintim.

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