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Monday, May 4, 2009


1) Unless I can link him to steroids, this was who I wanted at #29.

2) Remember Lawrence Phillips? How could we forget. He was the reason why we ended up with Cedric Jones at #5. He's up to a lot of good lately..

3) Instead of Tiki worrying about Favre's legacy, maybe Tiki should worry about his own.

4) In case you missed it this weekend, the Dallas practice facility accident.

5) Some good links to NY Giant Draft Review, Marc Ross etc..

6) How does a 50-1 shot win the Kentucky Derby? Watch the video replay and see how. Here is some color from the manager of a Vegas Sports book: "This horse was last by 21 lengths after the first 1/4, almost 20 after 1/2, still 16 lengths out after 3/4s, still 7 out after 1 mile (top of the stretch) and won by almost 7. WOW! He came home in 24 seconds. VERY GOOD last quarter on an off and tiring surface. That is why he went from 7 down to almost 7 up at the end. Yes he had a good rail skimming trip but still this is no fluke, just a horse getting good on the right day. If I own him I do NOT race in the Preakness and come back for the Belmont since he is a gelding. There will be other million dollar races and a triple crown doesn't do anything for stud value. On the other hand he can win lots of money, stay sounder longer, and possibly win horse of the year honors if handled right. Tom Durkin missed the winner. I don't know how. I knew he was winning before the 1/8th pole, just didn't know which horse it was till I could see the 8. Also, he missed the horse at the first call because he was SO far back. As an afterthought he mentioned Mine That Bird was way back."

For fun, when you do the replay, the FIRST time in the stretch call you will hear Durkin mention "UHH - Mine That Bird" is when the horse is already pulling away from the field! It was almost as entertaining as the way this horse sneaked in on the rail. The replay from above the field (BIRD's eye-view) was the only way to understand how insane this trip was. He was in 13th place at the top of the stretch!

1 comment:

Pastime Princess said...

"But Barber says that Eli is now a dominator in the Giants locker room."
The above was a quote from the Barber story. Tiki is now saying that Eli is a force in the locker room? I have not heard that from any other source. I wonder if Tiki is just trying to make amends for his uncalled for comments about Eli a few years back.

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