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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Getting to know some of the rookies

Final rookie minicamp report from Garafolo

And what would it be without the pageantry of pompous publicity.. let the parade of puff pieces begin...

Clint Sintim

William Beatty

Ramses Barden

Rhett Bomar

and from earlier..
Hakeem Nicks
Andre Brown


buljos said...

Bomar will make the team and in a few years challenge Eli...

Norm said...

Methinks buljos been hangin' with Percy H and partakin' from summa his fine stash of Humboldt's finest...

Like it or don't, Eli is the closest thing on the Giant roster to a guaranteed starter for the next, oh, 5-6 years. It's pretty simple, really. As Deep Throat once famously told Woodward and Bernstein "Follow the money."

The front office is fixin' to give Eli a deal worth somewhere around $50-60 million of guaranteed money (the only figure that matters when assessing NFL contracts) In other words, a cool $10-12 mill per for the next 5-6 years. Whether you think Eli's worth it or not, that sure ain't backup QB money.

But buljos is right about one thing. If over the course of that 5-6 year timeframe Bomar lives up to his pre-Oklahoma hype, he will challenge for a starting QB job in the NFL. Only it wont be for the NY Football Giants. He'll have been flipped for a second rounder sometime around the expiration of his rookie contract.

Andy F. said...

This Bomar story is such a good thing for the Giants. The organization is able to leverage the TIME it has because of Manning's stability. Bomar can be brought along properly, not rushed into getting himself killed. He'll learn the offense, improve his mechanics in ways he could never have done in college. And if he is smart enough and skillful enough, he has a career and the Giants have a (relatively cheap and) bonafide backup QB. At the 5th round it was such a great move by Reese. We'll have a few years to see if this lottery ticket pays out.

Norm said...

Fully agree with Andy on the Bomar pick.

In a way, it may have been my favorite selection of the Giants entire 2009 draft. It perfectly demonstrates Reese's total commitment to the principle of taking the "best player available."

That's something that a lot of front offices (and fans) pay lip service to but tend to forget about when facing a huge area of need come draft day. If you go back and re-read some of the draft day threads on many Giant blogs, you'll find that many Big Blue fans hated the Bomar pick at the time it was made. With safety being one of the Giants few idenitifiable areas of need, a lot of people were pissed that Reese left players like Major Harris and Mike Mickens on the board.

Yeah, I know it's just a fifth round pick we're talking about here; no big deal, really, judging by the poor historical success rate of fifth rounders overall. Reese could easily have mailed in the pick, made the fans happy with the selection of a defensive back. But I (for one) was happy to see him working the fifth round in the same way he works things on Day One. Maybe that's why the Giants have yet to cut ties (although Woodson may soon be the first) with any player drafted during Reese's brief tenure as GM.

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