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Monday, May 11, 2009

Rookie Video Interviews

Hakeem Nicks

Clint Sintim

William Beatty

Ramses Barden

Travis Beckum

Andre Brown

Rhett Bomar

DeAndre Wright

Stoney Woodson


Slater said...

Brown's interview is priceless, guy looks absolutely giddy to be a giant

Craig said...

none of the vets called the rookies cept Brandon Jacobs, you'd think Eli should have called atleast the offensive players, and where excatly do they get their numbers from, is there just a list like when we were 12

Anonymous said...

Speaking of uniform numbers, I hate the new protocol that allows wide receivers to have numbers in the teens. I like 'em better when they're restricted to numbers in the 80s. Much better.

Craig said...

blame keyshawn for that

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