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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bradshawlic's Meeting #4

Bradshawlics Anonymous Meeting #4 is now in session.

Was Ahmad Bradshaw playing hurt last year, limiting his involvement in the offense?

Was he given less touches because he could not protect the ball?

Could he have made a big difference if given more touches?

Should he be the 3rd down scatback?

Will he get a much larger opportunity this year?

The answer to all of these questions is most likely YES. This NY Giants blog is not ashamed to let it be known what its bias is- seeing Bradshaw out there, stretching opposing defenses. Assuming Bradshaw picks up his blitz assignments and protects the ball, we should be seeing a lot of him this year. The more the better.

Meeting #2
Meeting #3


Anonymous said...

Will Tom finally see the light and let gilbrown go?
Will gilbrown finally understand why buddy punched him in the face all those years ago?
Stay tuned for this seasons episodes of, "As the Giants Turn"

Bob said...

I think Bradshaw's performance in pass protection will say a lot about how many reps he gets this year.
I believe this is one reason why Ward
saw more time last year.

drbrian said...

I bought a Bradshaw t-shirt at Modell's before the Super Bowl game. So I'm with you 100% on his potential and will be at all the future Bradshawlic's meetings. LOL
I'd be shocked if he didn't get a much bigger role in the offense this year. And I like the Meggett comparison too.
I think Bob is spot on about them trusting Ward more regarding pass protection as one of the early factors last year. Then Ward just got better with more reps and Bradshaw was relegated to back up duty.
Picking up the blitz with more experience is also why Bradshaw and Ware will probably get most of the rep's behind Jacobs this year, even if Brown is as good as some of the predictions about him. It takes a while to learn the keys and read these blitzing defenses like the Eagles employ. Of course, practicing against our defense will definitely also help get them all up to speed on pass protection. :)

Justin said...

I have never been as sold on Bradshaw as you guys. The only game where he had significant production was Buffalo in 2007. I was seriously underwhelmed by what he did when he had the ball last year. He may be a good player, but he hasn't shown it to me yet. (I'm also concerned about his character issues -- I was a grad student at UVa when he was arrested. The cops were able to chase him down!)

Slater said...

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