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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bradshawlic's Anonymous Meeting #2

Bradshaw Math: 44-52=77

My name is Andy and I am a Bradshawlic. It has been many weeks since my last Bradshaw TD. When he got a few carries against the Ravens, then proceeded to fake Ray Lewis out of his jock strap on his way to that 77 yard carry, it was sweet music. Two more yards and the world would have known what we already KNOW. 4 more yards for the day and he would have had 100, a noteworthy accomplishment. Instead he once again was buried in the back of a 200 yard performance. Yes, there is no "I" in "TEAM." And the Giants are 10-1, so I am not going to be a LenDale White and cry about the carries when my team has won 91% of its games.

But I can be a Bradshawlic!

It is bad enough that Bradshaw gets so few carries. Check out this little ditty- Bradshaw has 3 pass catches this season (1 of which is for a TD, a coincidence?!)... and Ward has (gulp) 31 pass catches! Whatthebrown! 3? 31? What is going on around here? And just to make me not commit myself to Bradshawlic Rehab, Ralph Vacchiano (Bullet 2)has given us a reality check for wondering aloud, is there a Bradshaw conspiracy when Jacobs goes down and Bradshaw still only gets 4 carries?



Hand the ball off to Bradshaw. Throw the ball to Bradshaw. Bring in Bradshaw in short yardage. Bring in Bradshaw in the red zone. I keep saying there is no reason we can't score 40 points per game with this offense. If Bradshaw were playing the sane minutes he deserves, this offense could score 50 points per game. You think I'm nuts, right? I do not kid about these things, Giants fans. Dead serious. START YOUR BEST BACK ALREADY. His name is Ahmad Bradshaw.


Ken said...

I think Bradshaw AND Hixon are playmakers and difference makers. Both should be moved up the depth chart.

Bob said...

Jacobs is out and Bradshaw gets 4
touches ?? Is Killdrive & Coughlin
browning nuts ? In a game where the run game is bogged down .

The G men are so good, they win in site of inept personnel utilization.

I am a closet Bradshawlic hiding in Va., in hostile Redskins territory.

Frank Cubillo said...

I became a bradhawlic that day last year in Buffalo...I thought I was the only one.

xtian said...

i'm getting tired of writing about this. last week was particularly bad since jacobs was out.

Pastime Princess said...

Hixon is a playmaker but he is not better then Amani, Plax or Smith so being the 4th option is fine with me.
Bradshaw is a completly different story. You are right, he should be moved up because he is better then the guys in front of him.
There may be 2 reasons that Bradshaw is not getting any carries.
1- He is not picking up the blitz in practice so they can't trust him in the game
2- THey still don't trust him to protect the ball. Since the #1 stat in winning it turnovers I can see why they might sit him.

Nature said...

hey Craig....

come join the rest of us in wishing that #44 gets the ball...i said I said it a few weeks ago, WARD IS TAKING UP B-SHAW's space....i even asked someone to tell me what exacly WARD brings to the table that #44 doesnt

after last year's play-off performance i thought he would come into the season at least # 2 on the depth chart

Get him off of SP and get em in the backfield PERIOD

Ken said...

OK, Pastime, I admit, I wrote what I wrote in a moment of passion. :-)

I love Toomer and Smith and will tolerate Burress's immaturity as long as he helps the team on the field. I'd still like to see Hixon on the field a little more often.

And I understand what you're saying about Bradshaw, particularly on the blitz pickup. I want to see him get the ball much more often, though.

J.blaze said...

I love Bradshaw, but I also understand the long-term value of keeping him rested and out of injury risk in regular season.

I rev him up in playoffs. If the Giants don't have him more in playoff carries, then obviously something is wrong.

BreadCity said...

somebody on the coaching staff must really hate his guts. that's the only explanation i can think of.

Mike said...

We're 10-1 and have the #1 rushing offense in the entire friggin league. I'll just enjoy that fact, enjoy 10-1, get ready for the Skins and let everyone else complain about something that isnt even a problem.

Mitch said...

Ahmad Bradshaw sits out with stiff neck
If you’re scoring at home, please add RB Ahmad Bradshaw to your injury report with a stiff neck that kept him out of this afternoon’s practice.

Don’t worry, though. Bradshaw said it was OK even though he spent the entire practice session inside getting treatment. He also said he had precautiounary X-Rays taken that showed no damage.

Incidentally, he said he hurt his neck early in the game on “a little toss play.” That probably explains why he was hardly used, even though the Giants were already down a running back with Brandon Jacobs out.

By Ralph Vacchiano on November 26, 2008 2:45 PM

Andy F. said...

Well, it was Ralph who did not have an answer for why he only got 4 carries on Monday.. and then on Wednesday he dug out the info which explains why Bradshaw did not get the AZ snaps. Very helpful, answers a lot of questions on his lack of use this past game. For the Bradshawlics, the good news is that it means that phantom fumble/blitz protection problems are not the cause of him gtg fewer snaps.

Pastime Princess said...

If he was hurt why use him at all. Something just doesn't make sense.

mezzanine said...

I've been a Giants fan for a long time. Had seats in the overhang at Yankee Stadium.
This team is different from any I've seen. I get a little giddy with excitement when a star gets hurt. Shockey's broken leg made the team better. Osi's didn't hurt us. When Burris got suspended, biggest passing day of the season. The whole idea is guys have to wait, but when they get a chance...
OK Jacobs goes down, Ward goes down, Bradshaw goes down, Danny Ware gains 200 yards per game until one of them comes back. Then the blogs will bitch that Gilbride doesn't play him.

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