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Friday, November 14, 2008

NY Jets 34 NE Patriots 31

This was not supposed to be the Friday Post for a NY Giants blog. But there was simply too much to comment on here. Eric Mangini is a browning moron, and if he ever coached my team I would need to keep a full supply of barf bags handy. I may never have seen a game that was a more glowing example of the insanities of the Prevent Offense and Prevent Defense. This Jets team broke Rules 15 and 16 so many times, I lost track.

The Jets go up 24-6 late in Q2 and Bob Popa and Cris Collinsworth are anointing the Jets for having completely dismantled this Patriots team. And rightly so. But they are forgetting one thing. Manidiot.

Rule # 17: Players are told to play for 60 minutes. Yet who benches the head coach when he only coaches for 50? In this case, if the Jets coaches had coached for 50, that would have been radical. By this count, it was more like 36 minutes. Disgraceful.

1) Forget benching the coach, how about firing him. The Jets defense goes soft, into Prevent Defense1. Belichick has decided to go for it on 4th and 3 (which I believe is a mistake, take the FG) at the 23 with 2:40 left Q2. Sack for change of possession. So now you REALLY think that the Jets will go into the half up 24-6. But there is more.

2) Now the Jets have the Ball and go into the Prevent Offense1. It may not look like it in the stat sheet, but the Jets were doing the coronation, happy and fat.

3) The Jets go into the Prevent Defense2, and with the Patriots in no huddle, they march all the way down the field in ~1:30 and score to make it 24-13 at the half. SINFUL. Terrible.

4) The Potent Jets offense, which put up a zillion yards in H1, went into hibernation, Prevent Offense2. There was NO ATTACK in it. The dial was set to SLEEP.

5) Naturally the Patriots keep chipping away, until they score with 10:16 left in Q4 to tie the game 24-24. Remarkable. Effectively, the Jets coaching staff took off from 2:40 in Q2 to 10:16 in Q4, about 22 minutes. Very nice.

6) Wait a second, the game is tied? Okay, Okay, say the coaches. Time to wake up and play again. So the Jets drive down into the red zone, get a questionable holding call on Vrabel (breaks my heart) and a few plays later score the TD to go up 31-24 with 3:10 left.

7) Kris Jenkins makes a key sack on 2nd down and when the Pats miss on 3rd down, they actually have to kick (2:24 left), hoping and praying that they can somehow get another chance to get their hands on the ball.

8) Their prayers are answered! They are playing against Manidiot and the prevent Offense! I'll give you a hint, where have we seen this before? EXACTLY LIKE THE GIANTS EAGLES GAME FOUR DAYS AGO. Prevent Offense3. RRRK special. Just like the Giants with 5:30 left, the Jets run three plays in a row and ... I am shocked, shocked.... they don't move the chains! Well blow me down!

9) So now the Patriots get the ball back with 1:04 left and no timeouts. Time for Manidiot to roll out Prevent Defense3. The old 3 man rush technique. The Pats move down the field like a hot knife through butter and get a TD to tie the game with 0:01 left. You should have seen the look of #4 when they scored... Favre is thinking, what do I have to do, coach the team too? He knows his coaches killed this effort.

10) Then a miracle occurred for the Jets. They won the coin toss. Time to turn the offense back on. On a key 3rd and 15 from the Jets 15, Favre hit Keller for 16 and a first down. Favre led the team all the way down field, and Feely nailed the 34 yarder.

Had it all the way. If Manidiot does not win the coin toss his team loses that game, and it goes down as one of the ugliest collapses in Franchise history. And the Jets know collapses. Let's quote Cris Collinsworth: "The only thing the Prevent Defense (/Offense) prevents you from doing is winning the game." Shameful.

Btw, Brett Favre was fantastic. (Jenkins, Keller, Washington were also excellent.)

For any Jets fans out there, your last 5 games are very winnable, your team can easily be 12-4. Incredible. Despite the horridness of the Prevent, that the Jets were lucky enough to manage to hold on (thanks to the coin flip) can portend good things for them now. This is a tremendous win for that franchise. It was only a few weeks ago that this team lost to the Raiders and then barely escaped vs KC. But like we saw last year in Washington Week 3, all it takes is one special game to turn an entire franchise around. The Jets got some special mettle out of this victory over the Patriots. If only they had a head coach with half a clue, they'd be dangerous.


Anonymous said...

I was at a sports bar watching the game. The futility of the Jets in the last minutes of the 2nd quarter when NE went for it on 4th down and didn't get it was so hard to watch that I walked out. To bad for me that I missed such an exciting game but I just couldn't sit their and watch them stink the place up after being so dominant for almost 2 quarters. I like the Pats (big Bill fan for what he did for us. Top 3 coaches in NFL history in imho) so I was rooting for them but that game should not have been close. Some credit has to go to Bill, he is the best halftime adjustment coach ever but still, the Jets where dominating both lines of scrimmage.

Andy F. said...

That's right, the Jets were DOMINANT. The Patriots had no business being in that game, so to see them craft two comebacks was simply a total abdication of responsibilities by the Jets coaching staff.

Now that the win is in the books, Wonder is celebrating and is already booking his date with the Giants in SB XLII, being the manic Jets fan that he is. Says Wonder: "Belibrown made one HUGE mistake, he should have gone for two on the Moss TD at the end of regulation. There is no way the Jets stop a pass play there, a 70% chance for success." (I would have taken the 1.)

Andy F. said...


Mitch said...

My best friend is a die hard Jets fan and he said this win ranks up there as one of the top 5 victories of all time for the franchise. Having said that he does not share Wonders' enthusiasm yet for SB XLIII. He's worried about the Titans next and he's wary of Miami,(2-1) in the division for the last game of the regular season. When I asked him about going for 1 or 2 at the end of regulation he said, "Bull-Richard Todd" (he prefers that curse word...lol)...you go for 1 there!

Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance but why was last night victory so great for the Jets? If this game turns into a game like the Gmen had last year against the Pats then in hindsight it will be a great win but as of this morning it is just a mid-season game against your top division opponent. It's not like this team is the Pats of 07.
I'm not a Jets fan but I'm not a Jets hater either. I wish them well. It's always good when a NY team does well. It's exciting.

Mitch said...

to pastime princess...

All Jets fans have an inferiority complex (maybe a generalization, but this is how my friend Rich is) and this victory is huge for this reason:

The Jets history is not all that stellar when you realize they have only won only 1 Super Bowl. They have broken the hearts of all their fans for 39 years! If the Jets are to go where they believe they are now heading you must first slay the dragon that has haunted you for many years. Michael Jordan, before he won 6 NBA titles always said, that his team would have to beat the 2X defending champion Detroit Pistons before even thinking about the promised land. So, for the Jets this was their Waterloo, the Pats.

Now they still have a ways to go but remember...baby steps. I hope my friends' team does make it to the Super Bowl. only to meet our NY Giants....and then it will be 40 years for that franchise. Sorry Rich.

Mitch said...

actually it is 40 years and counting already...

Anonymous said...

My point is that you might be right if this turns into all those things for the Jets. But if it turns out like it did for the Browns this year in beating the brown out of the Giants and then following that up with a 3 out of 4 losses it will not be go down as a great win. I wish the Jets well and hope they win every game they play unless their playing us.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mitch said...

Point well taken. I understand where you're coming from, I was just really trying to explain how exuberant he was after the win last night.

...and if they follow this up by losing the next 3 out of 4 then I can hear him now...."Those g-d Todd-AJ Duhe stinking Jets", I can't stand rooting for this "Johnny Lam Jones" team anymore." The men in the white coats will be coming to take me away in a "Rich Kotite" body bag!

Motown Blue said...

Thought all you Bradshaholics would enjoy the attached link below (praise is toward the end of the article):


I just wish that they could get more big passing plays down field. This would complete the dominance of this O even with Gilbrown. Maybe it'll happen this weekend.

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