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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Wonder: "Must use BOTH Jacobs and Ward in beginning of game to set up their MOST IMP weapon this game- play action pass...screens and dumpoffs not real good against Balt...much better to use misdirection and hit Boss or WR's crossing behind the LB's...play action will buy just enough time for that as well as suck the LB's up...provided you BEGIN with Jacobs AND Ward...look for Plax and Toom and Smith to have BIG games."

Some great quotes from Ray Lewis a few days ago:

"Not to take no credit away from these backs," Lewis said, "but they're running through holes so big you're sitting there saying 'What in the world?' "

"You can get into any (QB's) head if you get after him and really start confusing him and start hitting him the way they don't want to get hit," Lewis said. "I don't care if you're a rookie or a veteran. If you let any defense get after you the way our defense is predicated on getting after people, it can be a frustrating day."

Ray Lewis is going to the Hall of Fame for a reason- he understands the game and he makes an impact on the field. Thank goodness he's 33 and can move on sooner than later. Do you think that Lewis and the Ravens are going to allow for huge holes this Sunday? This is why I prefer Ward to get the bulk of the carries. He'll hit these smaller holes faster (of course I want #44, let's see if he gets playing time) and that will be important. Me? I use Jacobs as the human decoy and see him in play action stoning some poor blitzing soul.

As for the Giants defense, they have a challenge too. This is not the Ravens offense of the beginning of the season- Flacco gets better every game. But notice who the Ravens offense is dominating the past four games: the 18th, 25th, 27th and 19th ranked defenses. The Giants have the 3rd ranked defense and they will certainly not let this rookie QB and his offense put up 30 points. If Derrick Mason (leading receiver, game time decision) does not play, this is going to be a long day for the Ravens offense. Spags will stack the run and Flacco will not have the kind of receivers to take the pressure off.

Even though it is the 1PM game, I have to believe that Simms is doing this one. I want to hear his 945AM commentary on Sunday, that will tell us a lot.

In case you missed it from yesterday afternoon, Kareem McKenzie was arrested for DUI. Also, Webster practiced and he will (likely) play.


Pastime Princess said...

We will not be able to overcome mistakes in this game. If we turn it over we lose.

Mitch said...

The Ravens are playing their fifth road game in six weeks. That is not easy in the NFL.

I think that Spags will have a game plan for Joe Flacco, and he will see a pass rush like he has never seen before.

I'm sure the Ravens will be geared to stop the run, and Manning should get enough time to expose the Ravens' secondary. Plaxico is ready to bust out. (however, I've been saying this for a couple of weeks now.)

Pastime Princess is correct. Turnovers are the great equalizer.

But for me, I'm curious though. How hard will the earth shake the first time Brandon Jacobs and Ray Lewis collide?

I don't know, but I hope the construction site next door to the stadium has been secured. I'd hate to see them have to start all over on the new stadium. ...but boy is that going to be fun to watch. Two big men who run fast and love contact. I'd say you'll probably hear the sound of the impact even way up in the $1,000 PSL seats.

Motown Blue said...

The key more is unpredictability of which Gilbrown is not known for. Ravens are going to come after Eli and the way Eli handles the blitz I am concerned about his TOs. They need to give their bread and butter a chance:


Then take advantage downfield with play action.

I think they will win this mainly with D by getting after Flacco and creating havoc in the backfield ala Cowboys game.....Should be fun to watch if you enjoy watching Big Blue D.

Mitch said...

motown blue...

I read that link you posted and it mentions the 1954 49ers and their 3 headed rushing attack:

Joe Perry 173 for 1,049 (6.1)
John Henry Johnson 129 for 681 (5.3)
Hugh McElhenny 64 for 515 (8.0)

2008 Giants so far:

Brandon Jacobs 153 times for 806(5.3)
Derrick Ward 89 times for 490 (5.5 )
Ahmad Bradshaw 36 times for 205(5.7)

The last time I can remember a big time rushing attack with 3 runners was the 1972 undefeated Dolphins with Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick & Mercury Morris. Although I don't think all 3 rushed for more than 5 yds per carry.

Daniel said...

Um, am I missing something or is nobody else worried about McKenzie missing this game?

This would be the first start missed by any member of the offensive line in over a full season.

A DUI sounds like cause for Goodell to drop a one game player conduct suspension on a player. And who's backing up the right side of the line? Boothe? Whimper? Ruegamer? Sure it may not be the blind side, but you still need to block the defender on the left side of the dline. Isn't that the side T. Suggs is coming from?

Mitch said...


He is in no danger of missing this weeks game. Coughlin said he will play. As far as the future...it will go through the legal process and then I'm sure a suspension or fine will be assessed.

Andy F. said...

Keith Hamilton went through such a long and protracted legal process that he was able to avoid losing any playing time (read: game checks)... he retired before he was sentenced. If history is any guide, this could easily drag into 2009's reg season.

James Allen said...

This is the Ravens third straight road game, which only happened because of the damage the Houston stadium got at the beginning of the season. The Giants must take advantage of this (among other things.)

xtian said...

the big advantage is eli over flacco in experience as both will probably struggle running the ball.

Andy F. said...

9 out of 10 NY Post geniuses have the gmen, not a good sign (perhaps that means we win but don't cover.. I hope).

Simms will be doing the Chargers-Steelers game at 4PM instead of Baltimore-Giants. That browns, because this was the last oppty to get him on one of our games. Simms is so knowledgeable, and he gets even more insight when he meets these teams and digs deep.

When Joe Benigno (WFAN) heard this, he was as dismayed as all of us- "Who makes those decisions?!!!" Simms replied, certainly not him (he would have loved to have stayed local), and guessed that it was because the decision was made a few weeks prior when the Ravens were not seen as a good team.

Oxbay said...

I'm glad Jacobs is having a good season. And I hate to be contrary to the Giants fan zeitgeist but I think Jacobs goes down easy too often for such a big guy. The opponents he is highlighted as flattening are DBs. I hope tomorrow he proves me wrong and wins more than his fair share of battles with Ray Lewis.

Pastime Princess said...

Agree, Jacobs ain't no Earl Campbell. Not by a long shot. Wish he was but he isn't. He reminds me of Ron Dayne only better. He should be great but he's not.
Sorry for the Dayne reference but if the shoe fits...

Crazed Giant fan said...

The Giants will have their hands filled on offense. They must use a little deception to set up the run. If the go out an play mano a mano, then the Ravens will be able to shut them down. On the other hand, if they utilize play action and try to make the LB react then they have the advantage. The real advantage for the Giants will be our defense against their offense. Look for Flacco to make critical forced errors. That will be the difference. Manning just has to not turn the ball over with an INT for a pick 6.

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