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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Giants vs Arizona Preview

Giants.com Preview

Simms: "Picking the Giants. (The Giants OL is) So big and strong, they run on everybody."

Wonder: "Lay the -3x. Jints on a mission. CANNOT PROTECT KURT."

This is the kind of team where YOU NEED THAT PASS RUSH. If Warner is comfortable back there with those excellent receivers, he will make our secondary look very mediocre at best. PRESSURE. I expect #23 to get more single assignments, so this will be the biggest test of the season for him. If the pass rush is there, he will win that battle.

The Cardinals are a better team at home than on the road. That is the only reason why this game is competitive. If the Cards are on the road vs a good team, they are not ready for that kind of primetime. The Cards secondary has a few injuries, so yet another reason to feel that the Giants offense should have its way.

MESSAGE TO GILBRIDE: SCORE LOTS OF POINTS. If the pass rush is not there, there is still no reason to lose the game, because our defense is better than their defense and YOUR OFFENSE is better than theirs. If the Giants offense plays for 60 minutes, we win this game, end of story. Score 40 points. See if they can score more than 40. I doubt it.


Motown Blue said...

A. up early on a sat. a.m. Like I said in the beginning of the week they need that pass rush back for this game. Warner is notorious for fumbling (much like the other former Gmen QB) and I expect to see Tuck cause 2 fumbles on him.

I am going out on the limb here but this will be Bradshaw's coming out party. Gut feel is he will get more carries because of Jacob's knee and they throw a few times to him. Maybe Coughlin will also make the switch from him to Hixon on Kick Offs.

Webster earns his big pay day tomorrow.

Andy F. said...

It is no secret that the reason why Warner ended up at the dead end stop on the NFL tour was because everyone else saw his turnovers and said no thanks. Even the gmen went to Manning in 2004 because Warner simply could not protect the ball.

We saw the Ravens crumble when they played a good team. Am hoping that this too is the case for them. Their passing game is real, but if you stop that (or just manage that) they will crumble somewhere else.

This is a fun season, all good games, all good teams in second half of year, get your bib on.

Daniel said...

I don't know if the Giants' offense is better than the Cardinals' offense. Especially if the Giants jump out to an early lead and the Cards sit back and start throwing the ball. If the Giants don't get a pass rush, Warner's going to complete 35-40 passes, most of them to Fitzgerald and Boldin, and some to Breaston who's really good too. Boldin and Fitzgerald are better than Burress and Toomer, and Breaston is at least as good as Smith.

If Warner doesn't spend at least half the game on his back, I think the Cards have a good chance to put up 40 against the Giants' secondary. Call me a pessimist, but the defense needs 4 or more sacks, and 9 or more knockdowns to win this game.

dberenson said...

I agree with Daniel. Warner at home with those receivers is a recipe for 40 points. The Giants need to make his life miserable, or it will be along day for Webster and the gang.

J.blaze said...

Pop Warner.

Get it!

xtian said...

botomline: to insure a win giants must hassle warner.
i expect the nyg to be able to run.
i would also like to see hixon on ko instead of b-shaw. but how about if burress doesn't play? also b-shaw plays on many special teams.

side impact: interesting that if burress and jacobs don't play it really affects special teams.

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