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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brandon Jacobs

Eyes were certainly raised on Sunday night when Jacobs was howling about the money coming for him and Derrick Ward as both contracts expire after this season.

Wonder will probably disagree with me on this... he thinks you simply lock in players because the way the NFL works is to the advantage of the teams, they cut the player if they don't want to keep you... but I felt it was correct to let Jacobs go into the last year of his contract w/o reupping the deal. Why? Because if the team got the kind of productivity (read: HEALTH) from this RB, great for him in 2009+ and great for the team in 2008. If we did NOT have 2 other backs, the thinking would have to be different.

Time for ultimatenyg to get a rise out of the peanut gallery- Jacobs is not going to necessarily do so well in free agency, even if he makes it out of the season in good health. Why? Because even though he is a very good running back, he has help from that OL. Don't confuse the tone... He will do well, and after the season is over (assuming the money is not over the top) the Giants will be CORRECT to re-sign him. But if the money Ward and Jacobs will command is high, the Giants will clearly only look to retain one of them. Remember, they let Ward hit the free agent market, and there was essentially no outside interest. I suspect that that will not be the case the second time around. Either way, the Giants will have enough cap room to go after at least one. And if they get neither, well break my heart, I guess we'll have to take a chance with that 3rd string guy, Ahmad something-or-other. Yours truly will not be losing a single night's sleep about those offseason RB negotiations, no sirree bob. Please don't throw me into THAT briar patch!


Anonymous said...

If he does not come cheap let him walk. He is no Earl Campbell. Heck, I would take Rob Carpenter over him in a heartbeat.

Mitch said...

I'm sure he will give a hometown discount. He has said that in the past. But as Pastime says...if he walks, he walks. I would be comfortable w/ AB next year and Danny Ware in reserve. I hear Edgerrin James is unhappy in AZ, he possibly could be signed cheap as a backup next year. In 1990 we signed someone named OJ for insurance protection at RB and we all saw where that led.

btw, pastime I loved Rob Carpenter. He was dynamite as a cut back runner, always getting large gains reversing his field.

Andy F. said...

OJ was signed in 1986, believe it or not!

ditto on Carpenter, he was partially responsible for the Giants famine ending in 1981. Bless his Giant soul.

Mitch said...

Good job Andy...you're right. I guess the Giants just cashed in his policy in 1990. It paid a great dividend!

Motown Blue said...

The NFL is a 2 back system. Can only think of a few that are a 1 back team that are not by design due to injury. I wonder though is it due to career expectancyof RBs or possibly contract leverage for teams?(i.e. higher production levels the higher the pay)

That being said, I would much rather have a Jacobs-Bradshaw combo than a Ward-Bradshaw or Bradshaw/Ware combo. Even considering Jacobs concrete hands and weakness in short yardage.

Finally, Myers (or Glauber) speculated about a Jets-Gmen super bowl (and Andy hinted the possibility) and wanted a NY name for it....How about the PSL Bowl?

Nature said...

B-Shaw and Jacobs would be a great combo, WARD is not needed i said it before and i will say it a 1000 times, WARD is a waste of time, we have no reason to resign him...also im starting to realize JACOBS importance a little more.....teams worry about him coming inot sundays, that alone helps our offense... i just dont see what WARD brings

Daniel said...

I agree with Nature. If the Giants only have the cap space to sign either Jacobs or Ward, then they better sign Jacobs. I think Jacobs would command more money on the open market, only because the way he runs, he doesn't need huge holes to get his 4 ypc, but when he does get a hole (as the Giants oline gives him on almost every down), he'll pick up a good 7-25 yards every time. Ward, on the other hand, is benefiting much more from the Giants oline because he needs that first lane and a possible cutback lane, which you wouldn't find, say, in Oakland.

Anyway, a Jacobs/Bradshaw/Danny Ware backfield next year sounds excellent to me, and I can't wait.

I don't watch many Cardinals games, so I don't know off the top of my head, how is the Cardinals' pass protection? Does it look like they'll be able to hold off the Giants Dline?

Mitch said...

Warner has been sacked 18 times. That is not bad considering how immoble Warner is. They do use alot of 3-step drops. They are 2nd in the NFL in passing, but 29th in rushing. If the Giants do not have to respect the run then, as I said before they will put pressure on Warner. The Jets put plenty of pressure on Warner and they put up 55 points on them @ Giants Stadium earlier this year. AZ is undefeated at home so I hope we put the first one in the right column against them.

Cody said...

Sorry gents - but I think he's out.

And I actually think that Ward is close behind him. So I think that next year's RB situation looks like a lot of Bradshaw and Ware - which isn't the worst thing.

Everything I've heard is that the sides (ie Jacobs and the GMen front office) are very far apart on $$ - and you better believe that JAcobs will be looking for max dollars out of this contract. So, unfortunately, I think he's gone.

But RB's aren't worth throwing big $$ at. Every team in the NFL has proven that. Look at the Patriots, they've done incredible things with a different stable of RB's each year.

And besides - I'd much rather Reese throw the big $$ at retaining someone like C Webster.

xtian said...

i wrote this awhile ago: giants will sign jacobs [unless he gets a ridiculous contract offer somewhere else like oakland] and let ward run somewhere else. b-shaw will move up, same with ware and then the gmen will find another guy. seems like they have become broncos east--a great scheme and ol.

yes, $$$ to webster.

regardless, i trust reese to do the smart thing!

Bob said...

Disagree with many of your comments.

Feel Jacobs + Bradshaw + Gmen Oline
is unbeatable combo.

Jacobs wears down the other team in 1H, making Bradshaw Sooo much more effective in 2H. Not at all sure Bradshaw would be as effective without Jacobs in 1H.
Also not sure Bradshaw is durable or big enough to be the #1 back for
16 games.

All three factors compliment each other, that's why is works so well.

Anonymous said...

Tiki Barber didn't need Jacobs to soften up a anyone so why are we changing the rules of the game here. Emmitt Smith(hate him but he was good), Terell Davis, Clinton Portis, Peterson, Ryan Grant; the list goes on and on, if you can run you can run and if your oline is Broncoish then almost anyone will do. If you have a talent like Ahmad it makes it an unbeatable combo.

I love the civil tone that this blog takes even though we don't all agree we can dicuss it without the stupidity you see on all other comment sections.

Mike said...

We wont be able to keep both. You cant pay 2 RB's starting salaries. Let Ward go and re-sign Jacobs. This is what the draft is for...they got Danny Ware last year. He essentially will take Ward's spot with Bradshaw moving up to the #2 back. Reese has done an amazing job finding depth in the draft.

But for now, I will continue to enjoy our 3-headed monster at RB.

Nature said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike said...

I trust Reese enough right now that whatever he decides to do--I'll be onboard with.

Should be interesting to see what kind of money it will take to re-sign Webster

Nature said...

im tire of hearing this GARBAGE about Jacobs warming it up for the other backs...thats B.S the offensive line gets it done for 4 quarters thats is why the other back are able to come in and get yards...guys sometimes i wonder if some of you WATCH the line of scrimmage, during replays of the runs look at the HOLES...Jacobs is a DECENT back but personally i think we should DRAFT a you back this draft anyway...if JACOBS wants to go i say bye bye, pay him REGULAR RB money, there is no need to break the bank for him if anything we need to lure in a LB break the bank for a LB...

I give OL the credit for what we have been doing on the ground....

bruno said...

Danny Ware is going to be a lot better than anyone thinks. I wish Jacobs well but would not pay big bucks.

xtian said...

i also think ware could be another find like grant, b-shaw, ward, and even jacobs.

yes, the giants ol opens up some huge holes for anyone to run through, but i think what jacobs brings is a psych and emotional factor the other smaller backs don't. just listen to the other teams talk about jacobs and they aren't worried about him getting 4 or 30 yards that any other back could get, but they are concerned about him smashing them. this is a factor. come on, it's football and getting smacked does effect your game and tackling. with jacobs the giants have a more physical intimidation factor. it's a big deal.

Auguste said...

I love would to keep Jacobs. His toughness is tough to match. However, I think his contract expectations have to be brought down to earth, assuming they really are high. The man has hands of stone. Ron Dayne-like hands. When Ward and Bradshaw are in the game, defenses need to respect the screen, but not when Jacobs is in the game. The fact that the screen seems to be Eli's worst throw makes Jacobs' bad hands even more detrimental.

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